The Changing Face of Heidi Montag

  • The Changing Face of Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag has a reputation for being two-faced, but that's not fair—she's had a lot more faces than that! Let's take a look at them in the gallery, shall we?
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  • Levi

    Lol... I love these comments "She looks so bad now" "Im disgusted" -- the fact of the matter is that she looks better by most peoples standards now than she did in the begining. If she looked like the "after" picture to begin with people would be saying "oh wow, she is so beautiful, I wish I looked like her." -- What's disgusting is that people on the internet, in magazines, on tv, etc. feel that they have the right to judging or condemning someones choices. It's her body, if she likes how she looks now then why do you care? Given the opportunity I'm sure all the girls on this site who say she "looks like a bimbo" or "is a plastic" or "looks fake" would gladly change things about them selves, and would probably love the opportunity to look as she does. I'm just saying.

  • TeriLeigh

    It's really sad when you can't except who you really are! She was very pretty and big boobs don't make a woman. Men like woman that are intelligent not fake. I truly feel sorry for her!

  • alanna

    All you Haters shut up already! jealous people! She looks Beautiful

  • opdun

    She wasn't the hottest before all the surgery but atleast she was all natural. I honestly wonder who or what idea of beauty some women chase after... Whatever it is, most men don't think it's beautiful.

  • kayle

    Are you sure that's not Holly Madison? The eye color isn't even right. yeah right holly madison is actuallly PRETTY, heidi is just f*ckin sick looking,

  • ajkD

    that bitch looks like micheal jackson or some sjhitt.

  • Momof 4
    Momof 4

    that's so messed up! no wonder her mom told her the truth...she's obviously worried aboutu her child & has every right to be.... YUCK!!

  • shelly

    she has a good plastic surgeon. I think she looks even prettier now.

  • njj

    you look like sh*t.... what a waste of a pretty girl...... you and spencer are offically the 2 fakest ppl in the world

  • Mandi

    Wow. She was really pretty! Why'd she change? Heidi, be real. Not fake!

  • huntahm

    :/ What a bummer, I miss the old her

  • lisab

    she was beautiful and unique before the surgery and also more beautiful, now she has changed to just look plain and boring like all the other hollywood stars, they are all living in a fantasy world and the average man likes natural beauty the average girl likes to look at someone real, its sad and I dont think it will do much for her career to be honest, just another girl with too much money and very little brain lol

  • Gabby

    She looks human facial features, no movement in her face at all. What is mentally wrong with this idot??? Seriously, magazines, TV, etc., needs to stop showing people like her, the rest of the Hills morons, and the Kardashians, etc., these are not real humans, they are so cosmetically enhanced it's seriously sick. What was wrong with the way God made her, that is the way it is suppose to be. Serious psychological issues to destroy yourself like this...SHE IS UGLY!

  • Teresa

    She went from some what cute to BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT . WOW Nothing wrong with that.

  • mbd

    she was so pretty before... now she doesn't even look like herself. This is so sad.

  • canadiangma

    This would be a case of more money than brains. To bad too Heidi because U were naturally gorgeous!!

  • kimbox3

    Naww, She was stunning in the hills and before the plastic surgery

  • ashley

    she looks good

  • Kristy Young
    Kristy Young

    She looks so spaced out because she has that much botox and work done her face no longer shows expression. So sad she used to be so beautiful.

  • Shreyna Patel
    Shreyna Patel

    i see what yall mean by "Is that Holly Madison?", i see the resemblance.

  • bubbles

    omg heidi!!!!!! thts jst way too much work done. u were so much prettier.

  • Victoria

    OmG she looks sooo pretty...she looks like a second Rosalie from twilight or something like that..

  • yessb1995

    she looks soooooo FAKE! she was WAAAY much cuter before she was beautiful and know she looks so fake, she dosent look pretty! not at all! she destroy herself :(

  • Amy

    She Doesn't Even Have A Expression On Her Face Anymore. Dead Face By Botox And Plastic Surgery. Seeing Her Face Makes Me Wanna Barf Big Time

  • Nelly

    She was so pretty in the first season of The Hills. Now she looks like a plastic doll. Just horrible. I can't believe she's my age and she has done all that crap to herself

  • j

    So pretty before. So frozen now. What a mistake. Where are the brains?

  • alex

    Come on people .. so don't be surprised all the celebs do the same, just look Megan Fox older pictures, she wasn't so hot ...

  • roeschs3


  • Edward Oching
    Edward Oching

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  • kat

    she looks like one of those stepford wives... ahahahhaha! but its sad that she did that to herself. i wonder how spencer pratt feels?

  • shannon

    This is very sad. A once natural beauty has let a fu*ked up hollywood morph her into this. She needs a good friend and something to teach her what's really important in life. She says she doesn't care what people think when that's the number one thing she does care about. Seeing her face literally turns my stomach.

  • Emily

    its just so sad.... i think she was pretty before... and she is pretty now, but she is just a different person entirely... i wonder how her fmily feels about this... must be weired...

  • Vivianne

    She looks a lot older than 23 now, she will regret that in a few years, Heidi, you look like a bimbo now , not real sweet and youthfulo as you once did.. How sad her family genetic heritage is erased from her face.

  • Gita Margaretha
    Gita Margaretha

    she looks like olivia palermo

  • brandy

    i cant believe how different she looks,thats disgusting! she is so fake now!

  • guest

    *character flaws, sorry speaking of huge, what's up with her breats?

  • guest

    She looks much better in the "after" picture. The plastic aspects is created by the excessive make-up and the hard expression (because she also became a bitch in the process, though it has nothing to do with medical interventions but with character huge flaws). crystalhope is just being too judgemental and dramatic.

  • crystalhope

    Are you sure that's not Holly Madison? The eye color isn't even right. People who went through plastics actually look alike in some pathetic way unfortunately

  • Mark

    Are you sure that's not Holly Madison? The eye color isn't even right.

  • miette

    Well at least now they're giving the Stepford women a choice.

  • Jeanette Mondragon
    Jeanette Mondragon

    Heidi just needed some good friends to tell her she is crazy spending 30,000 dollors on surgery

  • Izzy

    I actually think she looked good before and she does look beautiful now...HOWEVER, even though she may look beautiful it doesn't look natural and she does have that waxy/fake look to her so it isn't naturally beautiful looking. It's obvious she has body dysmorphic disorder. I would stop now if I were her, I heard she even wants to go to an F or H breast size now which is just crazy. Heidi I doubt you read these, but please stop now. It may be addictive to change this or that much like adding a tattoo or piercing to your body, but I will assure you, you will regret it down the road if you keep it up. You're beautiful. It's time to stop now.

  • GoldenAngel

    she looks so spaced out! wanna bet spencer has her drugged!

  • the fabulous
    the fabulous

    what's with that zombie stare? SPOOKY!!!!

  • ashley

    she now looks like elisha cuthbert but worse.

  • Crazydd94

    I'm sorry, I am so disgusted. I actually had respect for her, I lost it all. What has she done to herself? This saddens me so much.

  • missthing06

    I used to think she was so pretty when she was on the Hills. She was little and CUTE CUTE now she looks sooo fake. Like come on Heidi..really?