Mackenzie Foy - Renesmee's Head

  • Mackenzie Foy - Renesmee's Head
"Twilight" maker Summit has a solution for how to show Renesmee's rapid growth in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2", and it goes like this: Mackenzie Foy's head will be digitally superimposed onto the bodies of three other young actresses that range in age. The 10-year-old rising star had a few TV credits under her belt before landing this "Twilight" gig, namely "Hawaii Five-O" and "FlashForward."
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  • shorty1995

    wow can not wait for the second part its going to be AMAZING ive always wondered how braking dawn was going to come out in film and they chose the right girls to play renesmee just how i always pictured her

  • sydsouth

    * This girl is ridiculously like Kristen( Bella), it's scary!!! You'll see! Mackenzie is good. * =}

  • lovelovelove

    she's pretty, but i thought that renesmee was like idk the most beautiful girl in the planet! and she's not |:

  • angel2317

    people are freaking out for no reason at all. there are four girls because they are going to put Mackenzie Foy (face of Renesmee) on to these three girls bodies because of her rapid growth being a vampire hybrid. Avatar special effects Joe Bruno will use CGI to age her. i love there choice.can't wait