The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: Meet the Heroins

  • The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: Meet the Heroins
Bella Swan: Love drives almost every decision Bella makes. Despite her best efforts, this clumsy protagonist always gets herself into trouble and is a target for danger. The Cullen family (and werewolves too) risk their lives to keep her safe. At the end of the day Bella will do anything for Edward and visa-versa, no matter what it takes. Katniss Everdeen: Survival and love of her family drives every decision Katniss makes. Despite the fact she cannot determine exactly how she feels romantically for fellow tribute Peeta and best friend Gale, at the end of the day Katniss will do whatever it takes to keep her sister Prim safe, no matter who she may have to deceive along the way.
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    I prefer Jennifer. I think she portrayed katniss well. I haven't seen Kristen in many movies... But in those I feel like she doesn't have much expression. I think she portrays Bella well though, and she is a truly good actress. I just think Jennifer Lawrence was really good also.

  • MayMay

    I personally prefer Jennifer not just because of looks or anything, but by her acting style and personality. I've seen Kristen on interviews and things like that and truthfully, she bores me to tears. While on the other hand, Jennifer has made me laugh on every single interview I've seen her in. Actingwise, I think Jennifer is a lot more rounded and talented. Every character I've seen Kristen play just seems like Bella, every time no matter what movie it is. When I watch Jennifer though, she's a whole different character in everything she does. From what I've seen of the Hunger Games trailers, the way she portrays Katniss is pheonomenal and nothing like Mystique from X-Men or her character on Winters Bone. She also isn't Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games either. She' Katniss Everdeen. She puts so much emotion into what she does, and takes everything very seriously. Not saying that Kristen doesn't. I also think Jennifer's a very terrific person and an amazing role model for young girls. A few people have made comments about her weight (which I don't understand at all because her body is beautiful and so is she...) and she doesn't pay those people any mind. She says she'd rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a real person in real life, than to look perfect on camera and look like a scarecrow in real life. That's what young people need for a role model. I admire her greatly not only because of her acting, but for her believing she's perfect the way she is and that women and girls are not supposed to look like "Pre pubesent 13 year old boys." Her actual words, and they are very true. I cannot wait to see Jennifer as Katniss in the Hunger Games, and any other future roles she'll take up.:)

  • Victoria

    I prefer Kristen :)

  • TotalZayaGirl14

    @haters...what do you mean "We know who you are."? You are the only one so far who's actually liked Kristen on this page so shut the hell up. The only reason she was the only one considered for the part of Bella is because Bella is a whiny, weak, and mopy broad. KRISTEN IS TOO!!! She was perfect for that part. So YOU can take THAT and chew on it! And you were all mad at people for hating on Kristen...WELL YOU ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING TO JENNIFER!!!! So again SHUT THE HELL UP!


    Okay to all of you who are flippin obsessed with twilight...GET A LIFE!!! I read the first one but had no desire to move onto the second one and I saw eclipse but didn't even have the slightest desire to see breaking dawn. I guess they gave me something to do but I could've easily picked something better of my bookshelf. Well that's kind of off topic to what we are actually talking about here. JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! everything! She's prettier and a far better actress! Plus she takes place in a story that's actually interesting! The Hunger Games was the best thing I've ever read in my entire life! When I first saw the movie trailer it made me want to watch it over and over again! It gave you goosebumps and had such a dramatic feel to it! And Jennifer had Katniss down pat! She actually looked like she was Katniss taking Prim's place, saying to Gale "There's 24 of us Gale, only one comes out.", talking to Peeta, comforting Prim, Saying goodbye to Panem with their hand sign, all that stuff! Plus she is able to have different facial expressions than just a depressed looking frown like somebody...*cough* *cough* (Kristen). And I think the only reason Kristen Stewart won actress of the year was simply because she's a popular actress because so many freakos go over the top crazy for twilight. Without twilight, i doubt she'd be anywhere! The Hunger Games is going to completely kick twilight's sparkling little butt and edward can go sparkle in the sunlight all he wants, jacob can poop in the fields and chase cars, and bella can go mope around or whatever it is she does. Also, i believe the only reason these two movies are being compared is simply because they're popular. Simple as that. (Allthough the Hunger Games is clearly better;)) Whoo, glad I got that out of my system!

  • Marina

    Jennifer Lawrence is 10x prettier than Kristen Stewart and FAR more talented.

  • Camille

    Actually, that's not true - Emily Browning was in consideration of playing Bella...! Stephanie Meyer was even encouraging her to do the audition.

  • E

    Kristen may have won a FAN VOTED BAFTA, but Jennifer was nominated for an OSCAR. Your argument is invalid.

  • Lena

    I´m totally agree with Kia, i love hunger games and twilight is good, and two so amazing to their way

  • Erin Cunningham
    Erin Cunningham

    Katniss is freaking amazing, and is stunning, while Bella is just a moody madam with no personality... ;)

  • Miranda


  • WTH?

    I have nothing against Kristen, although I don't particularly like her acting style, but the idiocy of your post is crazy. Just because Kristen was the only one considered for a certain part doesn't necessarily make her a better actress. A big part of it means she has a bigger name and a bigger fan base (so far). The fact that many actresses were considered for the role of Katniss means that Lionsgate is thinking about the fans and taking this movie very seriously. It doesn't indicate that Jennifer isn't as good as Kristen. A lot of HG fans had lists of their dream casts made and would have been upset if Lionsgate hadn't been careful with casting Katniss. In the end though, Gary Ross said himself that she was “the easiest casting decision I ever made in my life.” and also “to Suzanne, Jen is the perfect realization of the character who is in her head.” So maybe next time, instead of taking things at face value, you'll think about what they really mean. Personally, I'm excited for both movies and I can't wait to see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

  • WHAT

    just because kristen was the only one considered for the role while jennifer was given several considerations does not make her a better actress than jennifer. also, why do you think she's getting all these requests to star in all those films you mentioned? it's partially true that they want to cast her because of her talent, but it's almost certain that they want to cast her because of her big name, and they want to use her name to get their movie more recognition. TO ALL YOU HATERS (both sides): you see, if you don't wan't anyone to on your favorite franchise, don't start bashing the other side. both books are great in their own way so shut the f*ck up and enjoy the f*cking show.

  • Kia

    Can people please just PLEASEEEEE STOP comparing every fucking thing to Twilight . I love Twilight , but its just ridiculous . Twilight is already in its final stages (unfortunately) and people are still comparing movies that have almost nothing to do with the franchise . It's beyond and annoying . Twilight is it's own movie and so is The Hunger Games .

  • dafish11
  • dafish11

    okay well there both great actress! and jennifer was nominated for an OSCAR! SO THERE BOTH AMAZING ACTRESS

  • Irritated English Major
    Irritated English Major

    Did NO ONE notice that the headline is spelled incorrectly? "Heroin" is a drug. A "heroine" is a female protagonist.

  • Haters

    This manufactured franchise is sickening. It's no Twilight. All of you nonsten haters that came to this board to hate on Kristen we know who you are. BTW, Kristen just won Best Actress for Welcome to the Rileys at the Milan Film Festival. Nominated & won a British Academy Award (BAFTA). Unlike Jennifer who was one of many actresses thought of for her role in Hunger Games, Kristen was the only actress thought of and considered for Bella and Snow White. She had no competition.Universal, a major studio, said they only wanted Kristen for the part. Same with Catherine Hardwick. No other actress was considered for Bella unlike Edward where there were 3,000 actors who auditioned for the part. I don't think there were 3,000 actors considered for all the roles put together for Hunger Games. See the difference? Jennifer was given the role after several considerations, Kristen is the only one considered. Now, @annamorphos what do you have to say about that? Oh and BTW, they wanted Kristen for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but she couldn't do it because of filming Breaking Dawn. So, that would have been another role. Oh, I forgot about On the Road. She was coveted for that role as well. She was the first actress they wanted for that part. Now, don't you look stupid. Kristen is given parts without consideration of any other actresses and Jennifer, Ms. Oscar Nom, is one of many who are considered for a role. So take that and chew on it!

  • Whattheheck!
    Whattheheck! you are the better actress? Stick a sock in your mouth

  • annamorphos

    You forgot the most important distinction...Jennifer Lawrence is a talented actress, while Kristen Stewart is NOT.