The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: The Innocent's

  • The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: The Innocent's
Charlie Swan: Bella and her relationship with her father is complicated. They didn't grow up together, but when she moves in you can tell they have a bond that doesn't need to be talked about. Bella never wants him to worry and tries to shield him from hurtful knowledge. Prim: Prim is Katniss' sister. Their father died when the girls were younger and their mother was so traumatized that Katniss really was the parent of the family looking out for them both, particularly her sister. Katniss saves Prim from entering the games and continues to put her first before anyone else in all the books.
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  • Alejandritha Vilchez
    Alejandritha Vilchez

    prim of course, I love his character


    PRIM. Fullstop. FTW!!!!

  • Halee

    Ya real cool. Have a picture of Charlie but leave out Prim. I'd much rather look at Prim.

  • miranda

    katniss works harder for prim bella hardly even cares about charlie

  • XxxhungergamesxxX

    Worst "vs" ever. A 12 year old girl vs a 40 year old man. Prim FTW! <33333

  • Alwaysally

    Prim xxx