The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: Brief Synopsis

  • The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: Brief Synopsis
Twilight: "Bella" Swan is a teenage girl who essentially has to move to Forks, WA. There, she falls in love with classmate Edward. Problem? He's 104 and a vampire. Needless to say their love story isn't an easy one. Twilight is the first of four books that detail Edward and Bella's romance. The Hunger Games: Set in the future, Panem (what used to be North America) is a nation that consists of 12 districts run by The Capitol. The Capitol keeps them in line by forcing each district to send one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark represent District 12. This is essentially a story of survival, but there is some romance involved too. 'The Hunger Games' is the first of three books.
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  • Team Edward
    Team Edward

    I love Twilight and in my opinion it's WAY WAY WAY better than THG 'cause the books have more detail and the films are better in THG it's all about Katniss moaning about the Capitol and then defiying the Capitol and she should have chosen Gale not Peeta :-]

  • CarrinaOo73

    The hunger games is a fantasy too. How can you decided to get big dog and lion looking creatures to kill the teens In the battle with technology??


    Hella no. It was dominated by Harry Potter. Now THG. You keep on dreaming in that noggin of yours :)

  • Jane

    I've read twilight and the hunger games and i love them both but i prefer twilight for the fantasy and romance. I understand that people prefer the hunger games for the realism. I've got respect for the people who like the hunger games but it is not because you love the hunger games that you need to pull an other movie down! And all those people who say twilight is stupid and the romance is not realistic, well ifcourse twilight isn't realistic that's why i like it! And in some way it's realistic because ther are a lot of girls and boy who see themself in jacob our bella not because he's a werewolf but because he's her bestfriend and he loves her so much but it's not enough... And for the ones who say that bella doesn't care about her family and her friends, well, read the book and try to understand her! and for people who are going to react on this i'm sorry for my english i'm from belgium so.. i love both of them!<3

  • Vic

    two idiotic movies made for the simpletons and for the idiotic masses. Create a topic about twilight and the hunger games,and you'll get 100 replies. Create a topic about an art film, and you'll get 2 replies at most. A sad world, indeed.


    And Twilight is a good book. It has a good book and I think Stephanie meyers is a good writer. It has good characters and it isn't too predictable.


    Thank you! I agree. You can like both books. It doesn't have to be a competition.


    I think they are both pretty good, but i am gonna have to say THE HUNGER GAMES FOREVER!!!!!!!! I was hooked even before the movie came out! It's all about action and adventure, and if you read the whole series the next two books focus on the romance a lot, along with the plot. I have been a huge fan of the hunger games, but twilight is still a good book. I like its plot and I think it is a really well thought out and good love story. But I have to say The Hunger Games

  • Lucy


  • Lucy

    yeah, at least THG is fair. some of the twiligh saga cast like emmet wanted one of THG's role's , but their twilight cast already voted that no one will ever worship THg

  • Lucy

    according to polls, THG got 73 votes and twilight got 27 votes. there was also a poll that said the hunger games was the most awaited movie, that beated breaking dawn part 2.( no offense!) Check the polls if you want to

  • Scarlet

    TRUTH BE TOLD. JENNIFER BEATED KRISTEN TO THE ROLE OF KATNISS.. (take that, Bex!!!!!! ,, what a stupid name). kristen was given the role of katniss, but unfortunately for kristen (YEAH RIGHT!) ,jennifer lawrence beat her.

  • ERza

    I really had NO interest in watching the 4th movie in silverscreens, but for the hunger games, I was so pumped! but i read the twilight saga and watch the movies. and there are NO friendship in twilight saga, its just romance wh

  • Lily23

    ARE YOU INSANE?!?! The Hunger Games book AND movie rocked! Both Twilight's book and movie was a big SNORE!!! -_- Zzzzzzzzz

  • Go Twilight
    Go Twilight

    Truly i do like hunger games but i feel that the movie sucked as much ass my butthole. Twilight books were awesome and so were the movies.

  • Keekee

    So true queeney079. This comparison makes no sense, and fighting about it makes no sense either.

  • queeney079

    Wait what the...... Is with this thread All I see is people bishfighting about Twilight and The Hunger Games. Honestly, don't you guys have something...... better to do? Nothing wrong with having an oppinion, or telling other people what you think.... But at least have proper arguments. I've read both The Hunger Games and Twilight, and seen both movies. I liked the Twilight books, and love The Hunger Games. I tought the Twilight movie was a total bore tough, (barely) no action, and only scenes of Bella & Edward together *yawn* (And the acting was..... bad). THG movie was real good, way better then I expected, actually. The reason I liked the Twilight book(s) is because it is easy to read, it doesn't have a complicated story line, and it's mostly romantic. The reason why I liked The Hunger Games is because it was way "heavier", it really made me think about certain things and it makes you see how horribly realistic the story is. So why try to compare them? Those books have NOTHING to do with each other at all.... And what's wrong with liking both?


    you have issues

  • Morgan

    I barely got past Twilight wihout falling asleep and I gave up on New Moon on the second page. I just couldn't deal with that awful writing anyomore. I also frankly don't care about Bella's "Burning Passion" for Edfart. That's right, I went there. Also, Hunger Games did not copy Battle Royale. That's just a pathetic excuse from those fans just because they have the same fight to the death sequence. Other than that, they're alike in no way really. Kristen Stewart is NOT a better actress than K-stewpid. (Went there again.) Kristen's mopy and emotionless in real life, AND in all her roles. She's pretty but that's it. Jennifer however, is a total hilarious goof off in real life, but when she plays Katniss, you would never know she was like that! So what if Bella could beat Katniss? It's cuz she's a Mary Sue. That's why. Undeniable strength??? Seriously??? Before she was a vampire, which was pretty much all of the series except for Breaking Dawn, Katniss could have whooped her scrawny little ass. I don't think comparing them is fair at all. That part, I agree with you on.

  • Bex

    Ok, I have read all of the Hunger Games and Twilight Saga. In my opinion I prefer Twilight Saga, because I love fantasy/romance and I can read it as many times without it getting boring however, i cannot read Hunger Games one more time. (This is MY Opinion). If i'm completley honest I hate Hunger Games and Love Twilight. But I respect that everyone has a opinion so....(oh and I agree with you, Victoria!!.). I love Twilight more than Hunger Games..Hunger Games is possibly copied off from Battle Royale, I think that that Kristen Stewart also is a better actor than Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen did beat Jennifer to the role of Bella, after all. I mean, even, if Twilight is a book about soulmates and love rather than bravery, whats wrong with writing a love story. I do think that comparing the two books isn't that fair, because twilight is fantasy/romance and hunger games is sci-fi/adventure. Like, I think Bella could beat Katniss cause she's a vampire now.:). This is my opinion.:)

  • Halee

    Sorry hun, but The Hunger Games just blew Twilight right out of the box office! It broke records! Twilight's just not top franchise anymore:P

  • Halee

    Oh this should be fun!!:) I have a point against you on all of this! 1) No it does not have better actors! Have you seen Kristen Stewart act as Bella??? She acts just the way she does in real life. No difference. 2) You can fantasize about being in the Hunger Games as well. I think most of what's making teens unhealthly lovesick is Twilight. You don't get dumped and become suicidal. You just don't. And you don't meet the love of your life at that age these days. 3)Have you read the Hunger Games books? Because I read them and have definitely not moved on! I read them in a continuous cycle! And so do a lot of other people! TWILIGHT is something you just move on from... Unpredictable decisions? HA!!! My butt!

  • des twilighter
    des twilighter

    Twilight is the best saga ever!! I love it!!I think Twilight is gaining viewers and readers with romance, suspense and perfect balance. I think the Hunger Games are not compared with the twilight. It's just good. I have read books of both series but The Twilight freez me from the first page...

  • Twilighter1234

    Twilight will always be better than hunger games anyday! Twilight has better actors and is a movie that you could fantasize about being in. The hunger games is a movie that you would watch once and think that its good and move on. Twilight on the other hand, is a movie that you could stand to watch over and over AGAin and get wrapped up in the love and romance and the characters unpredictable decissions.

  • Hannah

    I just looked at the trailer for looks retarded.

  • mylene

    Battle Royale is a movie based on books which plot is basically the same, in a near future, several kids are sent in some place and have to kill each other 'til there is only one left.

  • Halee

    What the hell is Battle Royale???

  • Hannah

    The thing is though, Twilight's love isn't realistic. There's no way two people would hve fallen that much in love at that age. Also, Bella hurts pretty much everybody to be with the boy she supposedly loves. She becomes suicidal. She OF COURSE gets him back. It's truthfully an unhealthy thing for teens to be watching and reading.

  • Jess

    Gosh. I'm so sick of all this Twilight hate. Twilight is a FANTASY. What do you expect? I hate when people compare The Hunger Games to Twilight. They’re nothing alike. THG is about being courageous and strong, and Twilight is about doing anything for your soulmate. I don’t get how a dystopian series and a romance series can even begin to be the same. I love both and I hate when fans from both fandoms fight over which is better and whatnot.

  • Jessika

    I love both Twilight and The Hunger Games.

  • mylene

    have you all ever heard of Battle Royal before worshipping The Hunger Games? I didn't read Twilight, just saw the movies, it's enough to tell it's pleasant but still a total crap, and about The Hunger Games, Battle Royal is enough for me... just think about it

  • Naomi

    I don't think Twilight was merely about abandoning your family and friends for your boyfriend, Edward and Bella were soulmates in every sense of the word. Soulmates and a love as profound as theirs is rarely found and it's what everybody is searching for & that is what Twilight is about, true, deep, unconditional, real love. How many of us can say we'd die for our mates or signaficant other? Seriously. I don't understand why people are even comparing a love story to a survival story?

  • Catnip

    Um, i have read the whole twilight series, and i can say that the books have no plot'!! Not a single"good" character has any aparent flaw! At least from the author's point of view. But thg is a completely different thing! I have only read the first book and can tell that it is awesome! Thg is about a girl who defies the sick ways of the capitol to show us that they are wrong! If you really want to compare it to something go compare it to harry potter! Both books are about doing what is right and what is easy

  • Cynthia

    I do not see how you people even dare to compare the hunger games with twilight. The hunger games is SO much better! I mean, I watched all of the twilight movies, and I hated them. I still havent watched the hunger games, but even after seeing the trailer I knew it was going to be SO much better than the whole twilight series. There are so many good morals and symbols hidden behind the hunger games that so many people can learn from. Twilight, if anything, teaches young girls that it is okay to abandon your family and friends to stay with your boyfriend. I do not see how these two stories can compare. So many girls can look up to Katniss Everdeen because she is so strong, and she actually cares for her family, while Bella is just a useless person who dares to abandon the important things in life.

  • Christina

    Comparing Twilight and Hunger Games is like comparing Apples and sawdust. They are two different types of stories.

  • Alex

    Ruth, I completely agree. Thank you for expressing such a lovely opinion. The other person needs to grow up. Life isn't about falling in love with a vampire. It's about survival, and the Hunger Games come across that subject in a imaginative way. Twilight can't even compete.

  • Primrose

    Um, okay. Wow. I really . . . Don't know how to start. Honestly? I don't know /how/ on earth you could say that Twilight and The Hunger Games are the same thing. Really. Just . . . No. Nope. No. They are DEFINITELY NOT the same freaking thing. Shall I recap? Sure, some people love Twilight because they're a big fan of fantasy. Alright, people, if you want fantasy, read Harry Potter. The only fantasy about Twilight are the wolves and the vampires. That's it. Mostly, it's just about wimply ol' Bella who would do ANYTHING to be with her sparkly boyfriend. Then, she falls for her best friend Jacob. Really, Bella? And you call that thing you have to for Edward "love"? I'm not insulting Stephanie Meyers -- I happen to like "The Host". But really. There isn't a solid storyline. On the other hand, The Hunger Games has a healthy amount of romance, an amazing amount of adventure, and some of the chapters just make you cry out loud. Not that it's emotional, the author is simply A-MA-ZING. It's about brave, NOT PATHETIC, Katniss Everdeen, who thinks of family as her first priority. Sure, she starts having shifting feelings for her friend Gale, and Peeta, but at least she doesn't "choose" or "select" either of them by seeing who would save her at the utter most perfect time. Katniss is a SURVIVOR. She doesn't cry about anything, and I think Jennifer Lawrence is perfect for her. I used to like Kristen Stewart too, but after I saw her as Bella . . . I just lost it. Completely lost it. I swear, Bella's expression in almost every scene of the book AND movie is like this: -__- And maybe a bit like this :) after she marries her sparkly boyfriend at age 18. I'm Team Hunger Games, not because my name is Primrose (like dear little Prim :D) but because the plot is just AWESOME, and I don't want to bother with the Twi-hards :P

  • Morgan

    In what way is Katniss pathetic??? Also you're telling us to get a life when you're also posting on here...seriously?!?!

  • jan mari
    jan mari

    Katniss fought for survival for her family and for her district, she became a symbol for revolution... Bella almost pushed herself over the cliff for a sparkilng vampire and continually causes chaos

  • Morgan

    If I must make it more clear for you, Twilight fans don't give out their reasons for why they think Twilight is better. All theydo is diss HG. If you don't have anything to say to defend yourself so you're putting the other fandom down instead, then don't post anything at all.

  • Ak Os
    Ak Os

    i swear i read all the hunger games. wow twilight fans doesn't have a single point to defend their movies , I WATCHED twilight all the movies and while i was watching eclipse one of the characters ROSALLIE asked bella why she wants to be a vampire? and bella said i love him and rosalie :i would give anything to have tht position where u r right now. she said something i would love to see my grand children and bella just keep telling i love him lol...





  • MayMay

    @Victoria I'm against you in every way seeing as I hate everything about Twilight, but I really like how you're being really nice to everyone and respecting everyone's opinions:) That means a lot.

  • jellymoonpie

    twillight is for love sick tweens who wet their panties over edward and jacob. the hunger games is realistic, has anyone heard of the marshall law? well, basically the hunger games situation could very well happen in our own government...unlike twilight, vampires will never be real. there simply is no arguing what series is better. the plot isnt "sick" people get killed daily. honestly the thought of a sparkling vampire ejaculating into a boring, dimwitted, whiny bitch is more gruesome to me lol

  • Tania, a Rockinjay
    Tania, a Rockinjay

    Actually, you are so wrong. Let's take a look at the heroines, for one thing: Bella Swan: She has no flaws AT ALL except for being 'clumsy' which Edward finds 'endearing' so it doesn't count. She's also 'shy' but that's really it. She has no goals apart from being with Edward and becoming a Vampire, rejects collage, a career, friends, her family just for edward. She acts incredibly stuck up and people love her for no reason. Has no skills apart from 'reading a crapload of old books' Constantly whines about all she's been through but the only bad thing that happens to her is edward leaving her. Even when she's in 'danger' edward saves her every freaking time. The closes she comes to sacrifice is a tiny self inflicted wound just to distract a vampire. Lame. Katniss: A total bad-ass with a bow and arrow, thrust in to the position of bread winner by her father's death and subsequent personal tragedy, loves her younger sister dearly and would do anything for her-like volunteer as a tribute which is practically a death sentence. Bella doesn't lift a finger for anyone. Katniss can very much survive on her own both before and during the games, Bella jumps off a cliff when left on her own and makes no effort to defend herself when attacked by Laurent or whatever his name was. Katniss has the moral fibre, guts and pure bravery to defy the capitol by refusing to play by the rules of their sick game, bella's to much of a wimp to even go to prom without being paranoid about people seeing her. Katniss loses (SPOILER ALERT: Skip to when I say "all clear" if you are reading the series and don't want to know who dies) Rue, her dearest friend in the arena apart from peeta, Madge, Cinna, her sister, Finnick etc etc,("all clear") THe only "good person" that dies is some newborn in Eclipse you don't even know. Katniss is the 'mockinjay' , the leader of the revolution by the end of the series. Bella is a vampire housewife married to Edward with a demon baby by the end of the series.

  • Annoyed.

    Just by reading what you wrote, I know for a fact you didn't read the Hunger Games. To say that Katniss is "pathetic" and dare to compare her to the idiot that is Bella Swan is incredibly offensive to Suzanne Collins writing. Bella Swan is an unbelievable douche throughout the entire Twilight books, caring about no one but herself, whereas Katniss puts her life at risk to do what most siblings never did for their own family in her world; step in to take her sisters place. She would do anything to protect her family and friends, and unlike Bella, she is actually successful at it. She doesn't need a man to help her, she can do it by herself. Don't ever compare that pedophilic werebitch to Peeta Mellark. He is TRULY selfless and cares for Katniss, never forcing himself on her like that idiot Jacob. I don't even care for Gale but it is an INSULT to compare him to that creepy little stalker Edward, when he is NOTHING like him. Do NOT listen to Kristen those who haven't read THG, she's a moron. These characters are NOTHING like Twilights.

  • Morgan

    Yes, that's very true! The whole point of the book was to show us that! What life lessons does Twilight have???

  • Morgan

    Wow, I don't know if anyone's really notice besides me but the people who vote Twilight on here, don't have very many reasons for why they think it's better. The Hunger Games fans however, DO!!!! Face it Twihards, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!!! Hunger Games beat you in the box office, and we're gonna beat you in everything else as well! So get used to it.

  • Morgan

    Uh, you said seemingly which leads me to believe you haven't even read the Hunger Games! And you also said you'd "watch" it to see if it's better than Twilight. YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOKS!!!! And how is Twilight better where plot is concerned?!?! I bet you think the whole plot of THG is just killing people which it isn't! I agree with Emily!

  • Emily

    Wow. Just wow. The Hunger Games is a story about children forced to kill each other on national television. It has an engaging plot and well-written characters, and contains a lot of symbolism for the way we act as a society. Twilight is a story about an emotionless, one-dimensional tart who lacks a backbone and any common sense whatsoever. The movies were horribly, horribly acted, and the just the fact that Jennifer, Josh and Liam were casted for THG makes it far superior to any of the Twilight movies.

  • kristen

    ok i think this is stupid. the book are both the SAME to me. I've read the hunger game in twilight. they both have 2 guys fighting on the most pathetic girls. they both are fighting to keep one another alive. they both had edward and peeta leave but in different ways. the only differnt is that peeta not a vampire but he at like edward and gale is not a werewolf but he act like jacob and that jacob imprinted on bella daugther. Its stupid that you guys are wasting time aguring about book. Both are good and both have there on version on the world. so what that one is fiction and the other not. it not like in the future our lives going to be any thing like the hunger game or twilight. so realy WHY does it matter. I think all of this is stupid, seriously.

  • Victoria

    I'm agree with you :)

  • Victoria

    I prefer Twilight to The Hunger Games because I prefer love stories and fantasy rather than the realistic. I just like most magic things. But there are people who prefer realism, and is perfect. Not because you like one you hate the other.

  • Victoria

    I'm not saying The Hunger Games are bad, OK? Yes, I admit that The Hunger Games are victorious, but you can be a fan of Twilight and The Hunger Games, at the same time! If you like The Hunger Games, you don't need to hate Twilight

  • Victoria

    Twilight, of course! is so much better than The Hunger Games! nothig can win Twilight, is the best thing in the world!!!

  • Phoebe

    If you think Twilight is better than the Hunger Games you are uneducated or want to ignore things that happen in the real world. Twilight is about a girl who does not care about anything else in her life expect being with the man she loves. A man who is dead, over a hundred years old, a stalker and controlling. She pushes all her friends and family out her life and acts like a spoiled brat. But of course, this is perfectly acceptable so long as your with the one you want. All the characters are Twilight are considered 'perfect' unless of course you take into consideration that they are all controlling and self-centred. Bella is the WORST role model for females ever. She depends on her boyfriend/husband to rush in and save the day. She cannot survive without a man and cannot stand up for herself. Not only that, but the whole series is about shoving the author's values down your throat. It is acceptable to let a man control your life, your husband should be the most important thing in your life, you should abstain from sex until after marriage and you should never have an abortion. Now, while the latter two are values that several believe in, the first two should never be encouraged. We live in a world were woman died to make us equal and Twilight is attempting to change that. Sadly, it may seem like one book cannot make a difference when in fact it can. The amount of girls who will never be happy with a guy because he is not perfect is rather scary. The Hunger Games is about so much more than how important it is to be in love. The Hunger Games is about overthrowing a dictator and the lead is a female. A very powerful female who doesn't depend on anybody. Yes, there is romance but it is certainly not the biggest part of the storyline. Katniss is a flawed character, she makes bad decisions sometimes, she has killed people and she hurts people but she is now selfish. Her family mean more to her than anything in the world and she'd die for them - literally she didn't think she'd ever come back from the Hunger Games but it saved her sister. The Hunger Games is sick yes, but so is the whole damn world. That's the point of it. The world Katniss lives in is a sick world and the people of the Capitol don't think twice about the 23 children murdered on their screens each year, it's a sport and the series is about changing that. It's very real and it does happen. Sure children aren't rounded up to fight to the death but people are murdered for the most basic things in some countries, things which would be part of everyday life in countries like American and the UK.

  • keyauna

    im a twilight fan and hunger game fan. but hunger game is way better

  • faisl94

    lol the same thing happend with me , ibought the twilight book thinking it was good & i ended up reading 10 pages & throwing them :P , but when i got THE HUNGER GAMES i couldnt let the book down

  • faisl94

    SOOOOOOOOOO true , twilight has nothing on THE HUNGER GAMES !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    The huger games isnt even about a competition. It's about survival, and politics. It covers real life issues such as poverty and more. If you actually read the Hunger games you would know that. Twilight is about teen romance between a vampire and a human. Wow what a life changing topic. Not. The hunger games opens readers eyes to so many different topics that happens in everyday life.

  • Ruth

    Hunger games is waaay better. I used to be a twilight fan but now i realized how dumb it is. Read the hunger games. Face it twilight fans Hunger games is victorious!

  • Ammie Leitch
    Ammie Leitch

    I got completely sucked in to the Hunger Games, I swear it is one of the most exciting books I have ever read. When I read Twilight I had to put the book down because I was so bored of Bella moaning page after page about the fucking hole in her heart or some shit. In some ways the movies are better as they cut all that out.

  • Morgan

    Actually Ramona, that is not what people are looking for. Twilight's action, is just other vampires trying to kill Bella. Twilight has no real plot. I read the first book, but I didn't have to read anymore to know how the whole storyline goes. There was not one moment in Twilight where I felt like I had to read on. In fact, I found myself skimming through the pages just to get it over with faster. I really do not see how the friends or family fits into twilight either considering Bella hurts both for a boy when she is only in high school. And I also don't know if you've noticed, but a guy watching you sleep through your window at night, is something creepy known as stalking which is illegal. Is that what you think people are looking for? The Hunger Games however, can appeal to lots of different people. There's action, adventure, family, friendship, politics, and yes there is romance but unlike in twilight, that's not what shapes the whole story. Stories are not all about romance for crying out loud?! Also, how is fighting for what you believe in, being willing to sacrifice yourself for others, and showing people that murdering is wrong, sick? Twilight does not have any valuable life lessons as far as I am concerned. Not one. Twilight describes some of the characters as practically flawless and perfect. The Hunger Games has every character have problems. I really don't appreciate people saying that The Hunger Games is going to be the next Twilight because they are two COMPLETELY different stories. It makes me mad that people ate treating THG as if it's just another Twilight. Movies deserve credit without being compared to twilight! Twilight is not the base of the movie world! I can not wait until Twilight is completely forgotten.

  • Marisa

    How can you say that Twilight has a better plot than the Hunger Games?? The Twilight "plot" is so mindless its practically nonexistent. And why is Hunger Games "sick"? Its a story about survival and doing whats right for people around you. Whats sick about that? I find Twilight even sicker, because it shows girls that they should do everything for their boyfriends, including ditch your friends, lie to your family, and put everyone you know in danger.

  • Marisa

    Hunger Games is a story of survival, revolution, standing up for whats right and doing what is best for the people you care about. Twilight says that nothing else matters, not even your family, as long as you get to be with your boyfriend. Hunger Games is much more than a "competition" its a fight for survival. Katniss cares for everyone around her, and is extremely selfless. All Bella cares about is being with her boyfriend, regardless of how she treats her friends, family, or the people around her. Frankly, its the other way around, people who say Twilight is better than Hunger Games are DEFINITELY not thinking.

  • Ramona

    Twilight can beat the hunger games any day, because hunger games is just a competition with a tiny bit of romance. Twilgiht on the other hand has battle, romance, friendship problems and more. that's what people are really looking for. Most people aren't thinking if they choose the hunger games over twilight.

  • Kyle

    I'm wondering if The Hunger Games production team are paying sites to compare it to Twilight, because I see this everywhere.

  • Sarah B Evans
    Sarah B Evans

    Twilight and The Hunger Games are two total different books. That's like comparing Harry Potter to Gossip Girl. It's pointless.

  • Millaj

    That "sick" story happens in real life. People are often made to do things that they don't want to (like murder). And they are forced to face the consequences, even if they try to do the right thing. Hunger Games shows this in a more intense level. Twilight is just a story about a girl who gets obsessive with her vampire boyfriend, gets married with him, and gets pregnant with his kid. If this happened in real life, they'd probably end up in divorce or totally unhappy, because nowadays, 18 is so not the age to get married.

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson

    Twilight trumps Hunger Games in my books, at least where plot is concerned! I'll watch the Hunger Games, see if its better or worse than Twilight, hopefully I'll understand what makes this seemingly sick storyline good, because for now I agree with Jamie. Oh and that's sick in the disgusting, inhuman sense

  • Jamie

    Whoever made this is a f*cking idiot. seriously. You put Rue as a "girlfriend"? Are you retarded? She is nobody's girlfriend, they team up to survive, THEN SHE GETS MURDERED. And you spelled like 5 words wrong. Like I can't even comprehend this shit.

  • Miranda