The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: The Girlfriends

  • The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: The Girlfriends
Alice Cullen: Edward's sister is Bella's closest girlfriend, and in some ways best friend (no blurry love stuff like with Jacob!). Alice loves to make Bella more girly, and looks out for her relationship with Edward. Rue: Katiness meets Rue during the Hunger Games and they form a bond. Rue reminds Katniss of her sister Prim and she feels very protective over her, although both girls equally look out for each other.
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  • Alejandritha Vilchez
    Alejandritha Vilchez

    Rue, is someone very sweet the answer is RUE

  • Alexandra Marshall
    Alexandra Marshall

    I love Ashley Greene, and Alice. But how can you compare Alice to Rue. I mean she's just a little girl and she's being forced to fight to the death in these games.

  • Halee

    Have you seen their recent Vanity Fair photo? Yup looks like Twilight's taking things REAL seriously. -_-

  • Tania, a Rockinjay
    Tania, a Rockinjay

    Rue is NOT some shallow 'BFF' like Alice. She's a MARTYR.

  • Victoria

    I prefer Alice :)

  • Laura

    I think it's just a really old picture of Amandla! I do not like how they are comparing Rue to a vampire!

  • Ellajay

    Rue is my face character ;) it was soooo sad in the book though, I cried! :'(

  • Erin Cunningham
    Erin Cunningham

    I know! This girls way too young!!!! X

  • sydsouth

    * Gasp!!=O... xD funny though, but i'd say half of the Twi stars are people you can't take seriously. The other half are the veterans or the newcomers with great potential. * Go Twilight!

  • Kate

    DUde this is NOT the girl playing RUE!!!! this is

  • annamorphos

    I am so glad they didn't let Will Smith buy his daughter into this role. Sounds like they're actually taking this movie seriously...unlike Twilight