The Kardashians' 2011 Christmas Card

  • The Kardashians' 2011 Christmas Card
The Kardashian-Jenner family glam up for their 2011 Christmas card. The card was also shot in 3D.
Source: Nick Saglimbeni
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  • HannahB

    Love Koko and Lammy! Hope 2013 brings them a beautiful baby x

  • dee scott
    dee scott

    Wow i love you sooo much khloe and dont change a thing about perfect in all ways oh and lammie too

  • Jessie

    She's in profile!

  • Elle

    I trully HATE all those loosers who call Khlo 'fat' just because they have issues with THEIR OWN BODIES!! Get a life people!!! and stop being so bitter just because u 'don't have the perfect body' according to non-real standars!!!!!! BE HAPPY!! Just like the beautiful Khloe does and stop being envy about it! L.O.V.E!! Happy New Year!!!

  • Elle

    Fuck U! you envious little bitch!! Don't u have anything better to do rather than criticize peolple that apparently 'you don't like'? You idiot!!! And that comment is not only rude and disrespectful but RACIST!!!! U ass-hole!!! Live them alone!!! they do not hurt anyone... it's simple: YOU DON'T LIKE THEM? THEN DON'T PAY THEM ATTENTION!!!!! Fucking looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E

    She's not that skinny in the waist. Even Kim doesn't have that skinny of a waist.

  • Chris

    Merry Christmas to all the family!! how can I get a Christmas picture? they are so BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  • Sandi

    Nobody noticed the hired help got in on the picture? That is not the limo driver?? You mean this nasty trashy girl MARRIED THAT???

  • Dave


  • crystalhope

    Khloe is da best!!!

  • anniekhloe

    why cant u guys just let them be. u either love or hate them but u cant possibly tell them how to live their lives even tho they are in the spot light. no one is perfect and if i mit add, how thin do u want her to be (khloe)? do u want her to be anorexic? shes just great the way she is and so are u all so just leave her alone. we all huv our flaws.....they are a great couple and its my opinion to say the rest of the family should learn from her.

  • pika

    Her right thigh is way thinner than her left thigh

  • senta

    you do realize that the camera adds 10lbs. because of her height she isn't as big as you want her to be

  • "Ruth

    This would be a really great photo if you gave us the true look. I love the way sje is. Yes Khloe and Lamar are my very favorite. They have an interesting program. Is there anyway we can see the proof before running it?

  • Jessie

    That is the stripe on her pants people...they didn't hack her hips in half.

  • Mia

    She is NOT THAT TINY!!

  • Mia

    they airbrushed of her so much 3/4 of her is missing!!!.. Not a real depiction.

  • Pugita

    Not only is she the most gorgeous Kardasian! They are a GORGEOUS couple!!!!! Love them!!!!