The Kardashians' 2011 Christmas Card

  • The Kardashians' 2011 Christmas Card
The Kardashian-Jenner family glam up for their 2011 Christmas card. The card was also shot in 3D.
Source: Nick Saglimbeni
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  • Jo

    Wow you are taking this serious... just chillax take a valium or somthing.

  • Mihriban K
    Mihriban K

    Lol its clear that you don't know anything about her and the kardashians and why their famous. stupid...

  • Rianna

    I really do not understand people who comment on stuff dat they dont even like wat's the point,so y watch dem if you dont like dem.Sum people say they dont have talent becuz they cant sing or dance, may be she has yet to discover her talent STOP bashin other. God made us who we are and hatin on ppl does nt make u beta but makes u a hater #realtalkhereppl....Am A Trini For Life

  • Voice Of Reason
    Voice Of Reason

    I'm normally not the type to sit and comment on anything, because people (like yourselves) leave the most ignorant and unfounded comments without any regard to anyone else's personal opinions. Normally, I just sit, read, and shake my head. Anyway, in this situation... i have absolutely no problem with the Kardashians. The fact alone that they made $65 million last year, takes some ounce of talent and marketing. To take something like a sex tape and turn, not only yourself, but your whole family into a multi-million dollar brand... that is something no one has ever done. The fact of the matter is, the only reason they are as big as they are is because WE are willing to watch their show and buy their products. People are natural-born haters. They do not like to see the success of other people. To call them names like "idiots", "spoiled brats", and "total trash" is absolutely ridiculous to me. I guarantee that if we taped your life for a few hours, picked out the most dramatic parts, and aired them on a weekly basis, most of you would have a few not-so prize-winning moments. Then to judge their personality, life-decisions,and overall character based on an edited 60 minute show... No one else finds that ridiculous? As far as role-models go, not all your children, or all of you, are "talented" (or even all that intelligent) so I would say more power to you for taking what you do have and making it work... taking something negative and making it into a positive. And if we all havent gotten a little down and dirty in the bedroom, I feel bad for your partner. I just read that something like 64 percent of women would release a sex tape if it furthered their career. Anyway, im just saying If you have such an issue with these people, dont let your kids watch them. Not every person in the public image needs to be a role-model, thats why you need to be parents. Personally, I think that the show seems to be pretty honest. There are all these "lessons" that they go through and learn from and all their arguments and then it always comes back to how close of a family they are. We all have our idiotic moments, our dramatic moments, our inappropriate moments, we are just not judged on them. So all-in-all, i am not pro-Kardashian. Im just saying to take to the internet and call someone names that you know minimal about is ignorant. If you really want them gone, skip the next Kardashian article... dont tune in every week... dont buy their products. If that doesnt work, chances are a few of your friends are fans. In the case that they do disappear, im sure you will move onto the next celebrity target. (Now go ahead and flip through the rest of the slideshow pictures... you know you want to!)

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Kim is a spoiled brat. I do love Kourtney & Khloe though because at least they have personalities, and don't act like snobs. Kim is so corny.

  • JessicaK

    that's probably the best comment yet!

  • JessicaK

    senta you said it best! she is an utter outrage to the american name!

  • JessicaK

    you guys are both foolish, she doesn't look for love, she flaunts herself as a nut rag and that's what she got, she's a skank and this entire family is a media stunt. they need to all just get lost and stay outta headlines for 5 mins then maybe ppl would care when something happens to them, like getting slammed for a sex tape you willingly made and sent to reporters to get your name in the news. yeah she sure asked for it. b/c she's a horrible role model for every young girl around, and your applauding her for this. congrats you idiots!

  • JessicaK

    ugh so Katy. . . . what exactly do they do then?? ur such a fan your pathetic with them. what is there to be jealous of fakeness?! yeah god you know what! I wish I was a plastic come-doll too!

  • emmm

    lets go back to the reason why she became you need a hint? SEX TAPE!!! that is the ONE and ONLY reason ;]

  • gena

    i love this family! kim does need to stop looking for love & let love find her!

  • gena

    i love this family! i agree kim looks for love wayyy to much tho..she needs to stop looking for love and let love find her! they are all beautiful people tho! it has to be hard to be criticized by everyone everyday but they asked for it..they make enough money from everyone watching their shows so they have to deal with it. it comes with the territory of being famous!

  • jess

    Maybe u should read the comments when people are saying I'm not jealous i just thinks she vain!!!! Read before u type.

  • senta


  • senta


  • Katy

    GET A LIFE PEOPLE!! Stop being so freaking jealous and go back to your unfulfilling lives because you are so unhappy with your dull lives that you only wish you were a Kardashian. Give it up! They are successfull at what they do. No one said that they have talent, that's why it is called reality television Ms. Imposter Barbara Walters.

  • senta

    @ your response... no one is jealous of kim, she just very vain. kim thinks only of herself. it amazes that the whole world saw this wedding as a shame and kim thought it would be forever, please. how does kim go from reggie to miles to shane and then kris in about a year or so and call it love. kim loves the idea of love but doesn't give herself time to figure things before jumping in bed with the next guy. nobody is jealous of her. i personally like her but she needs to stops being sooo selfish and vain to the max. she even has bad habit of saying how khloe is jealous of her and how she (khloe) wants what she has. but khloe left her life in cali to be with her husband in texas. kim is very vain and extremely selfish and really believes i think that if she is not being talked about in the magazines, blogs and photoed she (kim) doesn't matter. she should only matter to herself. instead of the self indulgent persona she puts on. sorry but that is the truth about kim k.

  • Bell

    I guess she made something out of herself with a sex tape.. She has no talent, NO TALENT! they don't act, sing, or dance, they have no talent (Barbara Walters voice)

  • Stacey

    Well if you don't like people putting her down then don't read the comments

  • Rhonda

    I wish people would stop putting her down all the time. You have to give her credit for making something of herself and stop being so jealous all the time. If you don't like Kim or the Kardashians than you shouldn't watch the shows or look at the photos!!!

  • ashley

    poor thing, her plans to have 3/4 kids by this age just wasn't meant to be. Guess she wasn't really interested in becoming a mom, probably because she's too selfish

  • Mia

    Vapid trash!. Us Magazine has a picture of William and Kate next to her and Kris - kept thinking Total Class v. Total Trash

  • kelly

    She has nothing in her eyes. Soulless eyes.

  • adfm

    i always laugh when i watch her wedding episode. And when she says with that anoying voice ''Kris and I were meant to be together''... HELL YA