The Kardashians' 2011 Christmas Card

  • The Kardashians' 2011 Christmas Card
The Kardashian-Jenner family glam up for their 2011 Christmas card. The card was also shot in 3D.
Source: Nick Saglimbeni
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  • B Pettes
    B Pettes

    why the mannequin look, distressed and no smiles for a Christmas Card?

  • Elle

    'cause they have their own lives and the Jenner part of this family are supposed to be Kendall, Kyle and Bruse!! Plus they R kindda closer to theyir mom! LOVE!

  • E

    This is the best pic I've ever seen of them!

  • ashley

    If it's supposed to be the "Kardashian and Jenner Clan", why don't they ever include Bruce's other 4 biological children?