Khloe s also feeling Hilary Swank

  • Khloe s also feeling Hilary Swank
Khloe's also feeling Hilary Swank's blue, one-shoulder Versace number from 2008.
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  • caitlin

    The dress in the picture is NOT the one shoulder versace mentioned in the comments, but a long sleeved Guy Laroche gown

  • themuhaha

    Made by me :) Kristina Sekeres... Hilary Swank-Khloe Kardashian ... Khloe, to be honest... i think this dress look better on you... :D

  • Nora Smith
    Nora Smith

    this dress would look awsome on kim, her long black hair and the deep color blue would really show off her figure. wow

  • Sheryl

    This Dress is awesome My most memorable!

  • kaycee

    i love the dress its also one of my favorites! you would look beautiful in this!

  • marie

    oo khloe this is it

  • pam ambriz
    pam ambriz

    Love this black dress and you would looks so Studding in this Khloe

  • chelsea

    im not sure hoe to do this but u shuld def rock the blue dress wit that ass u got ur body will complment this dress very well! _mscalij