The Kardashians at Khaos Opening in Las Vegas

  • The Kardashians at Khaos Opening in Las Vegas
The Kardashian family attends the grand opening of the Kardashian Khaos store in Las Vegas.
The Kardashians at Khaos Opening in Las Vegas
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Bloodworthy

    Kendall is amazing, but Kylie never was my cup of tea... She does have a nice body (I'm nut sure if that's appropriate to say at her age), but I don't like her face features. So that dress on Kylie looks great, while Kendall has a stunning face on the other hand.

  • Stella

    Absolutely Glamorous!!

  • Rafael pedroza
    Rafael pedroza


  • laura sportsman
    laura sportsman

    oops i wasnt trying to reply to whomever i replyed to absolutley no harm whatso ever ment to sorry...i really am not being sarcastic.i

  • laura sportsman
    laura sportsman

    i think there are alot of haters kylies dress is cute and these girls are gorgous

  • Renee Barone
    Renee Barone

    Omg they are so STUNNING its ridiculous actually!

  • cool story bro
    cool story bro

    i cant believe kylie is my age, she looks 17. shes so pretty and i absolutely LOVE her dress!

  • Maxien Fisher
    Maxien Fisher

    They are bth soo beautiful and at a young age too. Please girls, hold on to your youth for as long as you can because adulthod hits you like a ton of bricks and when it does there is no going back. You both look amazing, but i do think Kyles dress is a little too sophisticated for a girl her age, but hey girl.. you rock it better than adults just be you hunny xx

  • cookie

    wow kylie looks AMAZING and her body is bangin!!!

  • ...

    i don't know, i just think kylie's dress is a bit too much for a girl her age...

  • barbi

    kylie's body is AMAZING!!!!!!