The Kardashians at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

  • The Kardashians at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards
The Kardashian family arrives at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on August 7, 2011 in Universal City, California.
Source: Getty Images
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  • bb

    kim and kourt looks so chic! while i agree that kendall & kylie look as equally gorgeous, they do look older for their age.

  • sona

    you're rude!

  • sepid

    just in case kim & kourt if i were u i would never stand next to the tall girls like kendall & Kylie u both have a beautiful face but they outshined you ! love u

  • sepid

    they all look nice but long is beautiful. alwaaays , its the rule

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    What the hell is Kim wearing whoehahahahahhaaa

  • Breathe Cat
    Breathe Cat

    Kim is the shortest!!!

  • Katherine

    Why is referring to someone as mature a reason to get so defensive and RUDE?

  • Kylie

    gorgeous, the up and coming jenner girls are stunning!

  • Silver41

    Oh my God, Kylie and Kendall totally outshined kim &kourtney, they're so pretty and yeah TALL

  • evelyn

    shut the fuck up. they look amazing. your just jealous hunny.


    ohmygod. the girls are so tall!

  • Jolene Johnson-Bieber
    Jolene Johnson-Bieber

    Those girls look so mature for thirteen.