The Kardashians at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

  • The Kardashians at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards
The Kardashian family arrives at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on August 7, 2011 in Universal City, California.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Christina

    She has a very serious skin condition--psoriasis. She is gorgeous regardless.

  • Cristina Flippinjerry
    Cristina Flippinjerry

    You guys all look great :) You guys really need to shut up about Kim, she looks beautiful!!

  • frank7

    You girls look amazing! Hopee you all had a great time!

  • Monica

    she is not fat,and her legs are not fat.she are so beautiful what is wrong with you,bitch

  • bb

    you stupid bitch, she's not fat. anyways, they all look gorg! its cute how kim's a lot shorter than her two youngest sisters

  • Stephanie

    Kims legs are fat and you can see the dots. what happened kim:[

  • emily

    Maybe if they didn't put out on their show the fact that Kim has psoriasis, people wouldn't notice the spots. Too late for that now.

  • sepid

    omg kim ur legs????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • claudialimon

    i don't like kendall hairstyle

  • Jacqueline Larkin
    Jacqueline Larkin

    The one on the right (Kylie Jenner) is only 14....very chic and classy for her age!!!

  • Ana

    The younger sisters, they have changed. High and beautiful

  • melodayy08

    poor kim i can see the makeup on her legs covering her itchy spots :(

  • Lisa

    Aw.. Poor Kim. You could see her Psoriasis legs. I felt soo bad for her when she got it D: