Kardashians Celebrate Mason's First Birthday

  • Kardashians Celebrate Mason's First Birthday
The Kardashian's celebrate Mason Dash Disick 1st Birthday in Calabasas, California on December 12, 2010. Photo Credit: Albert Michael/startraksphoto.com
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  • Claudia Aragon
    Claudia Aragon

    I love baby Mase. Much love n respect.

  • Priscila Nascimento
    Priscila Nascimento

    Lol. I Agree. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

  • pinkbingo

    omg, he looks just like his uncle Rob!

  • janet alex
    janet alex

    wat in hell r u sayin.... y wuld a frigging idiot call my baby ugly.... is d person mad or something.... no one wud eva accept dat eva.... we shuldn't say becoz they are celebrities nd say nonsense, they've got feelings too.... get ova it people

  • preciouslipz243

    omg! he is so fricken cute.....he is looking more and more like his uncle robert

  • Tina

    OMG he is the cutest thing ever!!! So adorable!!! Wish I could meet him!!

  • Amber Jeanette
    Amber Jeanette

    What an odd looking baby. Not ugly, but odd. I'll give him time to grow into his looks.

  • rasha

    if someone called my baby ugly i will respect his opinion..at least he is telline me the truth ...he is not lying to me... i wont be hearbroken... every mom got a baby would see him beautiful... plus who dont like litlle kids?

  • rasha

    if laura is saying that...this is because its the truth... if shes sayin he is ugly that doesnt mean she doesnt love babies or doesnt love kourt or kardashian..shes saying hewr opinion...why its fine to say cutiee and its not OK with you people to say its ugly... if this babe was a normal kid with a normal mom(not famous) nd if you guys are not saying your opinion on internet you would probably confess that he is not cute and there is a lot more cute little kids...lets face it..PLUS he looks alot like his dad...

  • Samantha

    OMG!! he is Rob's twin! and the cutest little thing I've ever seen!

  • Farah

    stop being ignorant, he does looks like his Dad!

  • Lauren Heimerdinger
    Lauren Heimerdinger

    Laura I agree with Sophia. If someone called your baby ugly you would be heartbroken. Kim K. Mason is a cutie!

  • Sophia

    What an ignorant post, to call any child ugly, be careful what you dish out into the world, it just might bite your ass back, especially if you plan on having kids of your own...

  • Laura

    Im sick of people saying this kid is handsome, adorable, etc, it's obvious he's not, he's actually ugly. If he was the child of a poor person walking on the street, people will say he's ugly, just because his mom is on tv and is famous, he's suddenly cute! Sickening how fake people are.

  • Sarah

    He is so cute! I think he looks a lot like his grandfather, but you can also see Scott in him.

  • abeer


  • Nomi

    Hey looks like your father kourtney

  • Fetije

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, he is just so yummy

  • alyssa

    horrid baby

  • Addy Kardashian
    Addy Kardashian

    oh my god how big this mase, this beautiful

  • Amy Buck Long
    Amy Buck Long


  • Candace

    He is such a gorgeous little boy!

  • Sherri Koehler Taddeo
    Sherri Koehler Taddeo

    OMG!!!! he is the absolute cutest thing ever! Thank God he looks like the Kardashians and thank God Kourt doesn't dress him like his gay dad!!