08-20-09 London UK American

  • 08-20-09 London  UK  American
08-20-09 London, UK American singing sensation Lady Gaga is pictured arriving at Heathrow Airport on a flight from Tel Aviv acting like a vampire.
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  • itsmelaura

    I happen to like her music, but, let's be honest - it's not catchy because of her; she could be replaced by anyone and the music would still sound exactly the same. I guess it wouldn't be as popular, 'cause it's not exactly ingenious music and her stupid behaviour is what brings attention to it, but she is worthless as a performer. I would happily live without her music if it meant I could also live without her horse-face being splashed all over the web.

  • Coco

    what is wrong with her? can she be anymore desperate for attention...shes irritating!

  • CPM

    These aren't fangs. She's American, it must be chewing gum.

  • V

    Before she was massive, she didn't wear any of this sh*t. She irritates me so much. -.-'

  • reneelucky7

    It's Buffy the Retarded Vampire-