Joshua Jackson Mmm-mmm-mmm He

  • Joshua Jackson  Mmm-mmm-mmm  He
Joshua Jackson. Mmm-mmm-mmm. He went on to play the super sexy Pacey Witter in Dawsons Creek and currently stars in the JJ-Abrams science fiction series Fringe. And sorry, ladies, he's currently pretty serious with actress Dianne Kruger. A girl can dream!
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  • alice

    I'm in tv-love with him since the first MD came out, and I have never found another celebrity that could take his place in my tv-heart...

  • Eonyk

    josh is a very attractive man. he is not a pretty boy, but that's why i like him. he looks fine in that pic, but i have also seen him look way better in others. i suggest anyone who doubts his hotness should do some further research first! love him.

  • ary

    He was cute then and he is cute now. I Love his show Fringe He looks very sexy.. that other guy is a hater..

  • teamkatieholmes

    do i even have to put anything on josh i mean come oh he's just what katie holmes says amazing!! go josh

  • periperi

    he is just..unghhhhhhh. no matter the current guy that gets me going, whenever i see him, i get giggly like a teenager. no one can beat pacey witter, just as no one can beat his interviews. he is my ultimate crush!

  • noah

    Never understood why chicks thought this guy was attractive? Looks like he has a mild case of down syndrome mixed with sleep deprivation.