‘The Runaways’ Premieres in NYC

  • ‘The Runaways’ Premieres in NYC
Actress Kristen Stewart arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Runaways presented by Apparition and KLIPSCH at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on March 11, 2010 in Hollywood, California.
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    Who does Summit think bought the tickets and why do they think it was embraced world-wide? Kristen has lost her fan base of traditional/conservative straight teens and their moms by her controversial interviews, actions, comments and horrible role model image. Now she has done R rated movies with nudity, lesbian relationship and drug use. Her fan base just shrank by 75% and that leaves stoners, goths, gays and far left as fans. She'll go back to making movies that can't get financed. The fame and fortune she made off the traditional and religious fans of the books did not like her before all the rumors came out about her. She never even read the books but got cast due to being friends with the director's friend Michael. They really don't like her now. Even Kristen said on Entertainment Weekly in August that she was "so not Bella".....yeah we know KStewed.

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    Yuck. Does she have to dress like a hooker and put off the skank vibe in every photo? She came out at Sundance by mistake...Summit wants her to keep it hush hush as they know that the majority of the Twi Series book and movies fans are moral, traditional and straight. The books had no sex, nudity, America bashing, violence, drug use etc. and dealt with deep issues like faith, redemption, abstinence, waiting until marriage for sex, immortality, soul mates, the here after and true love.

  • eric

    So happy. Go Kris