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US "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, 34, with his face covered with a scarf and wearing sun glasses, holds 13 May 1993 an unidentified child, while, accompanied by another boy, he leaves in a limousine Nice airport, after his participation in the World Music Awards ceremony, held in Monaco late 12 May.
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  • laurern

    hey michael i love your music and you will be in my heart 4 ever.


    boo hoo, ha ha ooooooo u goin 2 HELLicopter nfa laffen at MJ'S death thecritic... u kno wat u aint a critic u a person wyt kno lyf who jus wana talk about pp nd dash jush nuashty u kno dat we wana hav peace in dis world nd im sure MJ did 2 ppl lyk u start wars nd all wat not u kno dat so shut the fudge up nd eat a tub of icecream u person mii goodness i wuld curse u out nut i alredy thynk u did by yo moma hahaha --***DUECES

  • thecritic

    boo hoo, ha ha

  • marienoel

    i dont know why he kept hidding their faces.all the same i love u mike, and u will remain in my heart forever