15 Ugh Uggs

  • 15  Ugh  Uggs
15. Ugh, Uggs: How this seriously unfortunate trend has managed to live for this long is a complete head scratcher. And why Eva Longoria found it acceptable to pair such furry glomps with a chic dress and polished coat is BEYOND us.
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  • bobbiesimpson

    bit retarded, but i rock uggs so much FYI: "Ugs" is short 4 "uglies"

  • bobbiesimpson

    WTF? Looks like a lab assistant coat......totally sucky outfit!!!! She musta wanted to run out quick for a pack of ciggys or a paper so just threw whatever was on the floor on.....

  • katelovelife27

    bit retarded, but i rock uggs so much