8 Pajamas Outside The Privacy

  • 8  Pajamas Outside The Privacy
8. Pajamas Outside The Privacy Of One's Home: Repeat offender Nicollette Sheridan is here to tell you just why you should never let your pjs see the light of day. Someone could mistake you for a sleepwalker, call the cops, and all of the sudden your entire seedy past is uncovered along with the warrant for your arrest. Think about it.
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  • bobbiesimpson

    No one besides hicks that weigh at least 250 and live in a double wide is allowed to wear pj bottoms outside of the home. And only the Confederate flag pattern or the John Deere pattern. Nothing else, and no one else!!!! Cletus-YES. Nicollette-NO!

  • me

    so gayyy You only know this word?? Oh, yeah you are gay so you have to say that over and over. Suck up.

  • katelovelife27

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