Lori and T-Dog are dead

  • Lori and T-Dog are dead
We almost hate to admit it now, but we were part of the fan base that didn't like Lori a whole heck of a lot. The way we saw her, she wasn't much more than a trouble magnet for Rick and a major course of confusion for Shane. Even her pregnancy was a pain in the butt, seeing as how it made everyone need to protect her.We gotta hand it to the girl though, she sure found one heck of a way to redeem herself - at least in our eyes. Her final moments were beautiful and we're not ashamed to say that we bawled our eyes out when she gave her life for her baby's. We also lost T-Dog in that same episode, when he valiantly gave his life to save Carol. It was indeed a very sad day. 
Source: AMC
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