'The Walking Dead' Season 3: Meet the Cast

  • 'The Walking Dead' Season 3: Meet the Cast
Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln Rick is Lori's husband and Carl's father. After being shot on the job, Rick falls into a coma and misses most of the zombie infestation. He finds that his family's missing after he wakes up, but is subsequently reunited with them after Glenn rescues him and invites him to the survivor's camp outside the Atlanta city limits. Rick and Shane turn from friends to rivals after he finds out Shane has slept with his wife and may be the father of her unborn child. After witnessing Shane's erratic behavior towards the group, Rick kills his him for the greater good -- a decision that still haunts him after fleeing Hershel's farm. Since his family no longer has a safe haven, Rick decides that the group is no longer a democracy and appoints himself as its official leader.
Source: AMC
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