Dreams Of Making It To The Pros

  • Dreams Of Making It To The Pros
Before they were in the same class at Gaither High, BFF John Williams met Tatum when he was just 10 years old: "We had a football party and he tried to convince us he had a wooden kneecap. He was the new kid on the block so he was trying to fit in," he told CB!. And no one called him Channing. It was simply Chan. "He didn't like anyone to call him Channing. We'd give him a hard time. Now it's 'Channing' everything!" And before Tatum had stars in his eyes, it was all about sports and girls, of course: "We were the cool guys in school. Chan wasn't the bad boy, he was the jock and he was definitely more of the ladies man," said Williams. "We all had a dream to play pro football. That was our goal in life."
Source: Lincoln Broadbooks
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