All-American Teenager

  • All-American Teenager
Tampa Catholic classmate Kenneth Bell remembers the class clown with a wild streak: “One year we had a dance and he came in with a cut off t-shirt and started break-dancing,” said Bell. “We would hang out after football season ended and go to bars and do crazy weekend things. He was a partier, such a knucklehead. Our school had a Sadie Hawkins dance and we showed up drunk and got in-school suspension,” he said with a laugh. Rafael Barrios also knew "Chan” on and off the Tampa Catholic field. "We'd drink and hang out and just have a good time,” he said. “Whenever we had parties my mom and I would show him how to do some Spanish dancing, and he used to show me how to do back flips. Now he's an amazing dancer. He was the popular guy and girls tend to flock to the athletic guys -- not to mention he had a great personality."
Source: Tampa Catholic High School
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