Romantic At Heart

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“He was so cute, but then we broke up,” said Lauren Greenbaum, who dated the future superstar at Gaither. “I used to pick him up on the corner for parties because I was a senior and he was a sophomore and his parents didn't know. I never went to his house -- I wasn't allowed.” But their young love was short-lived. “It probably ended with a note in the hallway like 'we need to break up.' But he didn't break my heart," she told CB!. "I would have remembered that.” And even then, the now 33-year-old new dad (who's married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum) made the girls swoon. “He used to write me love letters in cursive. He said I will always love you. I wonder if he still loves me!” she laughed. “Those are just things you say when you're young."
Source: Lincoln Broadbooks
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