Alyce Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Alyce Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio
It looks like Leo isn't wasting any time, either. The J. Edgar star is reportedly hooking up with yet another model - this time, 21-year-old Alyce Crawford - while filming The Great Gatsby in Australia. According to reports, the couple has been hooking up for about two weeks, and have "mostly been meeting up during the week." (Read more about Alyce Crawford here.)
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  • ssstephanie

    wow she is so pretty...and only 21?? Geeze....

  • lisa16

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  • Simon Pigg
    Simon Pigg

    Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone around his own age to settle down with who can give him the kick in the balls he needs such as Winona Ryder, Melissa George, Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Neve Campbell, etc.