Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Just days after her split from actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake was allegedly caught making out with her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds in Boston, where Ryan is filming his new movie, RIPD. In fact, things got so hot and heavy, they made out all the way until her train arrived early Monday morning. Because, well, wouldn't you?
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  • Fite

    I do deny that Blake and Ryan look nice together. They do not compliment each other, and Sandra is a beautiful woman. Blake does not have that quality. But you do get what you ask for. Be I do think that Sandra is a better choice. Nothing good will come out of the thing between Ryan and Blake. Trust me. It is just a gut feeling.

  • Fite

    I hope tha Ryan and Sandra get together. Blake Lively is not the one. She maybe younger than Sandra that is about all. Sandra is a very spiritual woman.

  • miafrea

    i have to say, blake lively seems to have a lot of game. she is the first of leo's gals who doesn't come across as the frustrated one after the relationship ends, but rather turned the tables on him and now he looks like the dumped one. real deal female player, i like it. also, you can't deny that she and ryan reynolds look nice together. he seems like a better fit than leo in my opinion!

  • Maguire

    I hope Blake Lively finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with.