Naya Rivera in New York City

  • Naya Rivera in New York City
'Glee' babe Naya Rivera caught smoking while on a coffee break in New York City.
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  • Phoenix

    Smoking at age 24 isn't going to kill you before you're 30...... and I've been smoking for 10 years and am 25 and SURPRISE I'm still alive. Yes, it's a horrible disgusting habit - but it's not "wrong" to smoke - that's like saying it's "wrong" to drink or do anything else. Drinking will probably kill you before a cigarette does. Learn your facts.

  • Anon

    "If you smoke you die"? People don't just die a coupe years after they stop smoking. How old are you? haha what the fuck...

  • Awesomer person than you! :)
    Awesomer person than you! :)

    Hey, take that Katrina! How do you like me now! Sucker!

  • Awesomer person than you! :)
    Awesomer person than you! :)

    Ya she might be 24 but if she keeps smoking she will only live until she is like 28 or 29. You can say whatever you want to but when you smoke you die. She needs to get a hang of herself. And I will never denie that. I love her but smoking is never going to help her at all in her life and if she keeps smoking she will be lucky to live. I am just telling the truth and what you said who cares if she is smoking, she's 24 she can do what she wants. She can do what she wants but if you really care about a person or that specific person you would try to get her out of that habit and try to help her. One thing you wouldn't do would be to encourage her to do the wrong thing, which you are doing right now. I guarantee she wants to live for a while but it won't happen if that is how she is living. I also think you should think about what you said because what if that was you in that situation you could die from making one dumb, silly mistake in your life. When you get hooked on drugs in one point in your life you will have a chance to decide to quit the horrible habit or keep taking the drugs and die very early. It is your choice and you want to pick the right one right? So you shouldn't encourage Katrina to spread those bad words. I am very disappointed in the people who encourages Katrina. Smoking is a sick thing in the world and the people who haven't smoked are lucky because if you don't you will live a lot longer and feel better about yourself. Apparently Katrina doesn't care about Naya. That is fine but it is wrong too. DON'T SMOKE.

  • Katrina

    Who cares if she's smoking? She's 24, she can do what she wants.