Tom and Suri Cruise's Many Daddy-and-Me Moments

  • Tom and Suri Cruise's Many Daddy-and-Me Moments
Though he's divorced, Tom Cruise is still a doting dad to his daughter, Suri. Flip through the photos to see their cutest moments together!
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    Why would does Suri nanny and bodyguard have be under watch while Tom visit with his daughter. This is so wrong. I feel deeply sorry for his daughter, Katie is not thinking of this little girls welfare at all. The little girl will grow up to be insecure and afraid all the times. This picking her up all the times and constantly giving her a blanket and stuff animal to carry around all the time is not healthy for a six year old. Katie is robing the child of her independence and allowing her to grow up mentally healthly. everyday keeping the child out in public non stop having pap taking her picture and movement every second. Non of this is healthy for the child. I hope one day Tom decides to visit his daughter because the mother is messing her head up.