Tom Cruise 'Rock of Ages'

  • Tom Cruise 'Rock of Ages'
First Look at Tom Cruise in 'Rock of Ages'.
Source: Warner Bros Pictures
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  • Ky

    I'm his biggest fan I have posters all over my room of him!!!!! He's SO SEXY!!!!!! Omg!!!!!

  • Ky

    Tom cruise is so SEXY!!!!

  • Kalliz Bulilo
    Kalliz Bulilo

    Tom cruise is not just good looking man his almost perfect coz whatever rule that will give him he can act professionally thats why he deserve to be famous im really excited to see his movie Rock of Ages.

  • Rita Ledonne
    Rita Ledonne

    Tom Cruise Rocks...age is irrelevent...I hate Scientology...but Cruise can act like a "Rock Star" because he has the temperment of one!

  • rebecca

    Tom Cruise is one of a few talented actors that can pull off any act you put in front of him. I can't wait to see this movie it's going to be EPIC..!!!

  • lol


  • sydsouth

    * Sick!!* =D