Too Hot For Hollywood

  • Too Hot For Hollywood
Many bow down to Halle Berry’s perfection — she is, after all, a former Miss USA runner-up. But her good looks made it tough to land a role as a fresh new face in showbiz. "You hear, 'No, you're black, and we don't want to go black,' " the Oscar winner told 'People' of her endless auditioning. "It was frustrating.” As was the "too pretty thing," as she calls it, which "got to be old too. Especially as I started to grow and go through all kinds of trials. I'm like, 'I've lived this! I've been down and out, I know what this is!’”
Halle Berry arrives at the premiere of her film "Frank & Alice" in New York City looking stunning in a white formfitting dress
Source: Pacific Coast News
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