Too Hot For Hollywood

  • Too Hot For Hollywood
Charlie Theron works to break down the barriers of being beautiful. “She was just too good looking for the role,” director Taylor Hackford told 'Entertainment Weekly' of a part in 'The Devil’s Advocate.' "She read and knocked me out but was blonde and tall and sexy, so I wasn't sure she was right.” So Theron proved she just how right she was: "When he told me that, I went back in with no makeup and dirty hair; I read for it three times. I f***ing won this part fair and square."
Prometheus - World Premiere
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  • sol429


  • mattie

    LOL, you just said Halle Berry is hot, but she is 46, but Charlize who is 36 is too old...

  • Jorgie

    What the fuck are you on buddy! Too old, she probably can pump you better than anyone else. Fat chance, you will ever get it.

  • Tom Joad
    Tom Joad

    Too old