Too Hot For Hollywood

  • Too Hot For Hollywood
When she hit the scene as a teen, “I was supposed to be [this] sexy, tough action girl,” Jessica Alba told 'Marie Claire.' “That’s what people expected.” But as she aged, the now mom of two worked to transform her image. "I hope all my new work will help producers in getting past my hotness,” the beauty bemoaned. And Alba even enlisting a stylist to soften her sex appeal. “I felt like I was being objectified, and it made me uncomfortable,” she said. “I wanted to be chic and elegant.”
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  • Shieroc

    They are all beautiful women in their own right, but no one's too beautiful. It takes hours upon hours for them to look how they do in pics. They're just selling an image.

  • mattie

    um..again hot but a quite terrible actress

  • kimmie55

    Wow..she is gorgeous

  • Tom Joad
    Tom Joad