Not for everybody s tastes

  • Not for everybody s tastes
Not for everybody's tastes, but the guy who always plays the guy who's slightly (or totally) full of himself, has some reason to be so as he turns 50 in 2010.
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  • sassygal

    James (in my opinion) has gotten better with age. He has definitely slimmed down. He use to be cute. Now he has matured and is absolutely gorgeous! And he has always had a very sexy manner. I too saw him recently in Race in NY & he looked awesome! And his acting was superb.

  • PGraham

    Steff in "Pretty in Pink", "Secretary", "sex, lies, and videotape", "Crash", Alan Shore on "The Practice" and "Boston Legal"...James Spader has been seriously sexy since the 1980's and now that he is turning fifty he is still sexy. I saw him the other week in NYC and he looks younger and thinner than in this photo...way to go James!

  • youdontsay

    James Spader will always be hot me! Loved when he was 25 and still love him at almost 50...

  • sfingaaa

    AAAwwwww I love him!