On Thursday September 11

  • On Thursday  September 11
On Thursday, September 11, Kanye West and his assistant were arrested on felony vandalism charges after confronting a photographer who was attempting to film them.
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  • Len

    Will never forget what this dick did to Taylor swift. A real a-hole.

  • Alicia Kristine Baim
    Alicia Kristine Baim

    we all need to come together and pray for our stars because they are human like us.

  • odalissa

    i think its not his fault . maybe he was having a rough day and he didn't want to be filmed . i hope he gets out soon because it wasn't his fault. people need to learn to stop bothering other people .i love kanye west hes such a good artist and i don't care on what he does.

  • Juanita

    I really like Kanye West and I think he is very talented. I used to think he was a humble person but I've heard otherwise. I dont know why all the anger but he needs to understand he is a celebrity in the spotlight and unless he is in the privacy of his own home he cant go around beating up photographers especially at LAX airport. He seems to be easily angered and pushed to the limit. Now he's been arrested and I'm sure this could of all beeen avoided had he understood the rules of the papparazzi...which are film and snap away as long as you are in the cameras view. I hope he learns how to control his temper and learn how to deal with the flashing...