Musicians Nick and Aaron Carter came

  • Musicians Nick and Aaron Carter came
Musicians Nick and Aaron Carter came from a family of five children, and when their fame began to fail them, the two launched a reality show, House of Carters, to show the world just how screwed up their family really is. The show placed Nick and Aaron in a house with their three other siblings, and basically consisted of them screaming and throwing both punches and objects at each other while trying to relaunch their careers. It's been quite a while since anyone has seen them on a red carpet...
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  • maelyn

    hi to nick carter's family... MAY THE DESIRE OF YOUR HEART WILL COME TRUE AND COME TO PASS...

  • mae2ace

    hi, to nick... stand straight and that's it! never change... be the same as like before. you are a loving brother and you are desserve to be loved. bout your mom and dad,it depends on God's grace... yeah, that's what i know..... we miss you and we loved you so much... we know that you missed your family as a whole and you missed their touch.. dont be upset. just believe in our creator... we love you....

  • Marina