Wrestler Hulk Hogan s family looked

  • Wrestler Hulk Hogan s family looked
Wrestler Hulk Hogan's family looked normal and down-to-earth for the first few seasons of the VH1 hit show Hogan Know's Best, but, boy have thing's turned for the worst. Nick is now in jail for almost killing his friend, Linda is dating a 19 year old boy, Hulk is dating a Brooke look-a-like, and Brooke is, well, being Brooke.
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  • dnt

    whats in the kids mouth?

  • ilovenickjonas4ever

    Brooke isn't a wanna be slut she is one!!!!

  • hottie

    I think the son is a f*ckin hottie and i would do him anyday

  • bebe4c03

    The son is a wannabe gangsta, the daughters a wannabe slut,the mama is a slut an the daddy is....um...wait who is he again

  • vpopadiuc87

    they are all messed up like the real families in america

  • larry neumann
    larry neumann

    just crazy the hogan's