Who comes up with these crazy

  • Who comes up with these crazy
Who comes up with these crazy combinations? I like ketchup. I like ice cream. I like sushi. I know -- let's put them all together and it'll be even better! Yeah... no. Thank you for playing. Come again soon.
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  • mika

    yeahhh man want hair lyk tht guy wid the hat on !!!!!!! hahaha joke !!!

  • Tiffiny DeLitizia
    Tiffiny DeLitizia

    yeah really what the hell was that? i mean slash rocks, but why bring in a sort of november rain riff to a song that's fine just the way it is?

  • Rick

    Slash stole the spotlight from them!!! there was really no vocals, except from the back up singers. Slash should of did a whole solo performance, the audience would of have enjoyed it more!

  • sparkycactus

    JF looks like a CIvil War General...hahaha! Didn't get the performance. Slash was great. JF you are no Axle Rose!!

  • tatts09