2 Jolene Blalock in

  • 2  Jolene Blalock in
2. Jolene Blalock in 'Star Trek: Enterprise': Who wouldn't T'Pol it?
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  • only_mental

    Some good choices but your order is WAAAY off. Let me clue you in: 1. Jeri Ryan - This isn't even close. 7 of 9 by a lightyear. 2. Jolene Blalock - She really rocks the pointy ears. 3. Natasha Henstridge - Hot, and into REALLY rough sex. 4. Zoë Saldana - Ten feet tall and blue. Very Nice. 5. Rachel Nichols (Gaila, Star Trek) - Less than ten feet and green. Nice. 6. Natalie Portman - You really placed her after a one-eyed, purple haired cartoon? Really? 7. Milla Jovovich - Lifetime achievement in badass babedom. 8. Sean Young (Blade Runner) - Is a replicant an "alien"? I think so. 9. Tricia Helfer - No argument. She is hot. 10. Tahnee Welch - It's all in the genes. Honorable Mentions: Carrie Fisher, Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science, again stretching the definition of alien), Kirstie Alley (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)