10 Kim Kardashian Best

  • 10  Kim Kardashian  Best
10. Kim Kardashian. Best Summer Bodies, as ranked by Women's Health magazine.
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  • Ariana

    I LOVE KIM KARDASHIAN ! Shes number one hands down ! She honestly is , perfect

  • monisola

    beeeeeeeest body 4ever.

  • monisola

    beeeeeeeest body 4ever.

  • Purdy Ydrup
    Purdy Ydrup

    Kimmm Kardashian rulessss. I just love her curves. I have curves too :P:P but Kim is just great. I think with curves likes other women with curves and women without curves hate on them. LOL

  • annabannana56

    Best bikini body.Ever.

  • Veronica

    All the plastic surgery that Kim Kardashian has had on her face and body should've made her perfect. But she looks strange and artificial to me. I've to agree women are jealous of women with real, hourglass figures. It's the best figure a woman can have, but since it can't be achieved by all a lot of women just hate on it.

  • G

    Wow, she's gorgeous. Really empowering that a girl with curves is on the list :)

  • Isabella

    She should be #1. She's gorgeous & her body is sick!

  • CurvesRule

    One of the sexiest women walking the planet right. Should be in the top 3 of this list. She probably would have been if it was produced by Men's Health as opposed to Women's Health. RIJ...real women have curves man. Go to your nearest strip club and compare the curvaceous girl lap dance to the skinny girl with the body of a 12 year old boy. Your attitude will change.

  • RIJ

    Ewww, if this wide load trash is on the list, I'm not even going to check out the rest...I'm ascared Snooki will be next...

  • Weeb Gumbar
    Weeb Gumbar

    She's gorgeous...only if you like your women to smell like a urinal!

  • itsmebehbeh

    She's Goregous.!