Although the Jonas Brothers prefer keeping

  • Although the Jonas Brothers prefer keeping
Although the Jonas Brothers prefer keeping their relationships secret, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas have been spotted together far too much lately. The country singer has been caught at several Jonas Brothers concerts and even filmed a cameo in their next movie.
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  • tyka

    i think that joe not suitable with she but with demi lovato

  • Katherinelala

    they broke up losers! but they were sooo darn cute with each other! o___O

  • Michelle

    I can't believe you ppl fu all who hates taylor!

  • Hannah

    taylor does look alot older but they still look kind of cute! I think taylors makeup makes her look older than joe.If she wasnt wereing any makeup i dont think she would look that old

  • Hannah

    they r such a cute couple! even though i dont like the jonas brothers i think they r cute! taylor is awesome i never thought they would be going out i think taylor is to good for joe thats y he brock up with her

  • ash

    yeah i think joe is way to hot for taylor she looks sooo stuck up and yeah love u so much joe jonas xoxox

  • vpopadiuc87

    she is so pretty and great music

  • vpopadiuc87

    that boy looks nasty she is too pretty and talented for him

  • kadesha

    they are ok not bad

  • gianna

    hahhaha not anymoreeee :D as much as it kills me though, they do look kind of cute together :P

  • Ruru

    Guys do you have any idea how to communicate with any celebrity? I want to communicate with hilary duff and tom welling if that's possible. Please reply to me soon

  • barbiegirl96

    They look soooo cute and andreah joe jonas probly dosent know you and i dont think u chatted with him on msn u liar!!!!!

  • taylor

    I just went to a privat concert, and realy got to know Taylor. She is supper sweet and at this point it's just a crush. And in the future, I think that there a great cupple. Southern Bells are pretty beautiful, I'm one of them!!

  • lisa

    i love joes smile he looks so cuite. hes to cuite for taylor.

  • Jhennifer

    Joe Jonas lindo demais Amoo JONAS BROTHERS

  • Elaine Cristina
    Elaine Cristina

    Joe Beautiful !! I love you forever !!

  • Nique

    Im A HUGE FAN OF THE JONAS BROTHERs i love all them equally so whoever he is happy with i am

  • Shivie

    OMFG I WANNA MARRY JOE JONAS! HAHA hes so awesome! got a perfect voice and a perfect personality =] he is so hot too =] =]

  • sandra

    amo a los jonas brothers son fantastics

  • racho953

    nicee i love them :) you rock GuYs (L)

  • nyajuok

    hey i love the joans bro please i there msn love you guys you rock yahhhh

  • mrs.jonas

    Joe and Taylor do not make a good couple Joe is sssoooo HOTT and Taylors ugly I hate her so much.

  • nahooooo

    i think taylor luks wayyyyy older than joe,,i love both but they dont make a good couple!!!

  • Ferifer

    joe jonas is too hot to Tylor, she don't deserve him i think he will make a better cupple with me (haha) no, just kiddin they aren't a good coupple i hate Jaylor

  • abbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i dont think that they like look good together but i think they make a really cute coupleee!!!!!! i love joeeee and tayyylorr!!!!

  • girl

    does any1 no there msn? x pleaseee x

  • tyler !!
    tyler !!

    omg sorri but they r my idols there music is insperational i want there msn plzplz i need to ask them sommet

  • rosie

    he turned 16, not 17.

  • jana

    happy birthday nick now your 17 year old you all most get a man bye love you


    well! as they saw love is bleed cuz i love the couple and joe is coollllllll!

  • frankielein01

    joe jonas is too perfect for taylor swift..

  • andreah jonas
    andreah jonas

    I like the couple (: , no, really not, i don't like the couple taylor is like a rabbit ,, and joee is too hot for taylor, i am sorry guys, joe is mine! only mine, i chated with him on the msn ! and i saw him on the web cam , i said him to said:i will marry you , and he says! i am so glad (: so i love you joe jonas! today is nick jonas birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!! so.. gtg see ya! by: andie bye: -mandy (miley bff) -chelsea S. -stella H. -Jason D. -Clara (from green team of dc games) so GO GREEN TEAM bye andie jonas