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3. Miley Cyrus' untamed summer was the completion of her metamorphosis from a Disney star to an "adult" pop singer. The pinnacle of her rebellion, of course, was the girl-on-girl stage kiss she shared with a dancer during a "Britain's Got Talent" performance of "Can't Be Tamed" in front of a live family audience. Months later, she stirred up controversy when video of her allegedly smoking salvia out of a bong emerged.
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  • misskristimusic

    she is so hot :*

  • simplydiffer

    It was a fake kiss. She leaned into the girl in such a way that it appeared they were kissing. Here are her real scandals: 1. The bong thins 2.Highly inappropriate photos 3. Even more inappropriate photos

  • Anonymous

    She never kissed the girl... Yeah she should've made different choices but CB at least get your facts straight...

  • Natalie Preston
    Natalie Preston

    She is no grown up ! she needs to MATURE and think about what she's done , which, if I may say is not impressive. She needs to do the Growing UP!! wearing less clothes and smoking from a bong , does NOT make you an adult !!!

  • Janet

    Girl. Youh Think Youh Too Grown. Now ! Aha. Uqh.. Dnt Like Youh Nomore ...lol