With a whip of her edgy

  • With a whip of her edgy
With a whip of her edgy hair, Willow Smith became the most-talked-about 10-year-old in Hollywood!
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  • lynnnsy

    I don't get how people hate on little kids. Does it make them feel better about their horrible old lives? Or maybe their are just jealous because when they were children they were nowhere near as talented as that.

  • whadayawantfromme

    you guys are just being negative ! she rocks !

  • erh

    she is awful!!! why is she dressed like a clown?? doesn't she have any sense of style?? and her hair are like a dirty cat's tail,, i dont know how that came to my mind,, i believe she has a nice voice but she doesnt use it right, whip my hair is one of the most stupidest songs i've ever heard!

  • annabannana56

    Yawn...Boring....Moving on.

  • rob

    since when did being celebrity spawn make you a star?

  • imfeelinggood

    whip my hair is the mt song of the moment! i love her!!

  • dakota

    cutiee i can listen whip my hair over and over and over again