Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot

  • Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot
Nadya Suleman poses topless for a photo shoot to show off her amazing weight loss after giving birth to octuplets.
Source: Startraks Photo
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  • Meme Jackson
    Meme Jackson


  • daveyboy

    I'm surprised she was able to shut up long enough to snap the photos !

  • LarryfromChicago

    Yeah- well she isn't part of Hollywood and celebrities have the $$$$ to indulge in cosmetic surgery if they choose to. This "OCTOMOM" needs to focus on her kids not her lip injections and tummy tucks- she has no money she is filing for bankruptcy. She has dis-respected herself and her family. She's GROSS....

  • tyra82

    OMG!! This is so GROSS!! I just threw up in my mouth!!

  • Maegan Bell
    Maegan Bell

    she is disgusting.

  • justtosay

    well i think she happens to look great..plastic surgery,tummy tuck,or what ever. Hell 98% of hollywood is cosmetic, and they are making millions of dollars off of it. So i say she should get hers($$$$) just everyone else is doing and tell her critics to KISS the dark regions on the unknown!!!

  • dennis

    the photo of her barely nude would look great with a tan, different color panties, her hair down, was the photo taken at the doctor's office after a pap smear?

  • Sophie

    She had a tummy tuck - that's why her belly button looks like that. It's not because of the belly button earrings thingy that she mentioned. When you had a tummy tuck, the doctor will pull your stomach down. And since the belly button got pulled down too, the doctor actually took out the belly button and put it in the more appropriate place! Gosh - every word is a lie with her!

  • natasha

    looks like her head was cropped onto a diferent body lol

  • Reta Taylor
    Reta Taylor

    She DID have a tummy tuck, and I remember it was donated to her. You can see the scar on the high side of her hip as it faces the camera. I agree the pics like VERY unprofessional and polaroid-ish! Awful! Also, NUDE is NOT covering your breasts and wearing panties people, NUDE is having NOTHING covering or blocking the view so this total deal is a lie and a come-on for her to get "press" (once again!) which she always claims, (looking right into the CAMERA) that she wants nothing to do with! Give me a freakin break and get this woman off my TV and computer screen now and forever! I don't want to hear her name or see her ugly body/face and deformed lips freak show face and talking behavior! Her kids will all be terribly messed up and the public will pay the price as I'm sure we already ARE! Her parenting "skills" are horrendous if you've ever seen her in action, or I should say "inaction". Basically, they all just run wild and climb over each other and bang and beat each other while she mealy mouths in her baby voice over their heads in the general direction. I've seen it several times and am shocked the kids aren't taken away from her. She clearly has no idea what she is doing and the inmates are running the funny farm!

  • Jennifer

    No Comment. Ok, here's a comment....ummmm....she looks appropriate for her age (almost 40). I think the pictures could have looked more professional. They look like they were taken with a guy with a polaroid camera.

  • Lauran WilsonCarroll
    Lauran WilsonCarroll

    she had a tummy tuck thats why she has them nude grany pantys on , she nees more work done because she still looks bad smh what people will do for money hope she is taking good care of all of them children she has

  • kg

    She is sexy!!!

  • Bob

    Are we seriously supposed to believer she has had no work done? How stupid/gullible does she think people are?