Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot

  • Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot
Nadya Suleman poses topless for a photo shoot to show off her amazing weight loss after giving birth to octuplets.
Source: Startraks Photo
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  • nate

    id hit it

  • haha you suck
    haha you suck

    Damn you are an ugly bitch. You should be nicer to ugly people since you're their queen.

  • Rebel MAn
    Rebel MAn

    Natascha, as a guy, i have to say that you don't do it for me at all. So you have a right to cast the "U" word on someone, as everyone has opinions,

  • Stan James
    Stan James


  • LarryfromChicago

    The money should be put into a fund that goes directly for her children- otherwise she will just use it to fund more plastic surgery that isn't even working. Again I say "EWWWWWWWWW..."

  • Don WIlson
    Don WIlson

    if you wasnt so beautiful i would said somthin very mean too you but i cant so carry on..

  • Danielle Payne
    Danielle Payne

    She look good for her to have all those kids. I personally don't think she's an ugly woman, but she does look better in interviews and on television than pictures. A lot of these women on here have their nerves to call someone ugly. I would love to see them in a bikini and some of them have no kids and look a mess smh.

  • courtneybaaaby

    dude shes has 8 babys in her! do you realize how much her belly + belly button stretched! leave her alone, shes looks so good after having 14 kids!

  • Chucky Picnato
    Chucky Picnato

    Girl, you are just right! I've seen trannies that look better than Nudia. Her saying they did no airbrushing? LOL, cause it's called photoshop ya moron! Even tho they DID photoshop the hell out of the pics, she's still a wreck. That tummy tuck scar & coin slot belly button turn my stomach but she's just odd all over. I've seen pics of her before she f 'd her face up & she WAS pretty with makeup & hair done. Now, she's just a circus freak who's just as ugly on the inside. Gina (her manager) is way hotter. (I've seen them both) & Nudia should kiss that woman's ass for all she's done for her, when nobody else wanted her. I sure feel sorry for Gina, they couldn't pay me enough to deal with such an arrogant asshole!

  • Natascha Koontz
  • Natascha Koontz
    Natascha Koontz

    lol thanks!

  • Natascha Koontz
    Natascha Koontz

    her man didnt leave her. it is common knowledge that she had a sperm doner. shows how much u know. also she aint that hard up.she dont need to have nude pics taken to make ends meet.. she had the money to have her lips, breasted and tummy done didnt she. u can argue with me all u want.. nadia is a selfish and ugly

  • roundtable

    What you got to show Barbara? Boobs like hers? If you look so great, post your own nude photos. If not, go get a boob job Barbie, and come see us when you got something to look at. You might get paid like Octomom is for showing some skin.


    That was plenty she should have only been paid $1.00 for that nastiness.

  • Priscilla Lozada
    Priscilla Lozada

    Sweetheart your not much to look at so before you start saying someone is ugly take a good look in the mirror

  • elle

    She should have gotten more money than 10,000.00 That was not enough.

  • mrmike

    Man hands

  • yungnhung

    natascha someone might say ur not hot, but i would tear your ass up, and wouldn't touch octomom with a ten foot pole wrapped. have a nice day.

  • Amy

    Um, gotta do what you gotta do to take care of your kids. BUT, her man didn't leave her. She had invitro fertilization WITH the intention of having 8 babies at once (and not with her bf or husband-she was single). That's irresponsible whether you are financially set or not. But, for someone who can't pay her bills and is on state aid, to THEN go out and have 8 embryos implanted is ridiculous. That's a wildly expensive procedure and if she couldn't pay her bills for the kids she already had, someone should have stopped the whole thing. Sad.

  • Inza Marie
    Inza Marie

    She can't win. People whine if she takes state aid , people whine is she does a bikini shoot, people whine if she has a yard sale. I give her a bit of credit. She is doing whatever she needs to do to support her children. Some women would give up and just let welfare and the state take care of the kids solely. At least she's doing SOMETHING.

  • divalicioussix

    Now she just needs to get her eyebrows done lol :-O

  • crystledoll

    Natascha i disagree with u..maybe her man left do u know? And u cant call people ugly .coz everyones different and also maybe her life treating her like shit and she need it money to support her child.u never know whats happening with her life..Not everyone can be lucky with everything..Dont get me just been fair..thats all

  • Ida

    Tummy tuck,boob job and lip injection.Who paid for all that?

  • Natascha Koontz
    Natascha Koontz

    i agree.. then for me to call her ugly someone has to say im not hot either.. thats just ugly people stickin up for ugly.. haha

  • Natascha Koontz
    Natascha Koontz

    lmao.. im not hot.. lol ok. i never said i was. i dont look like a man either. and i would never exploit my self and have nude pics taken even tho her personal areas are covered. i am married and in a good situation. she is stupid for makeing kids with sperm and no daddys. poor kids. and look at u. u could say ur just as pretty as nadia.... which isnt hot at all

  • shari

    Haters gon' hate lol

  • monsterboy44

    Her eyes are creeping me out!!! I would call her "bat-shit" crazy but that's an insult to bat guano!

  • Barbara Vega
    Barbara Vega

    who cares it aint as if she showing anything , If i had that many kids and cant pay my mortgage, i would too and please dont act like shes sooo bad cause she has kids and took a topless pic if any of you was losing everything you have and have kids to think about and dont have any other options lets see what you would do..I'm sorry natascha but you aint that hot either to be talking about other ppl being ugly

  • jd


  • SS


  • SS


  • jd

    good stuff

  • Erica Morris
    Erica Morris

    Id say she was born a man!!

  • Natascha Koontz
    Natascha Koontz

    she is ugly. no one wants to see this crap.weight loss??? there is no way she did it with out surgery. kate gossleing had a tummy tuck and i am sure nadia did too.. her belly button dont even look real