Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot

  • Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot
Nadya Suleman poses topless for a photo shoot to show off her amazing weight loss after giving birth to octuplets.
Source: Startraks Photo
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  • Baron Boyce
    Baron Boyce

    If she took off her panties her guts would fall out.

  • Eddie Paul
    Eddie Paul

    I think she looks hot. I would love to see what it feels like with her!

  • m

    Bet sex with her cooch is like tossing a hotdog down a hallway

  • veggeilion

    She's very attractive for a mother of 14! I hope she finds the support she needs...especially without turning to Nasty A-- porn!

  • Whip it, whip it good !
    Whip it, whip it good !

    Hopefully the magazines pay well enough that we're not supporting her and the kids. If so, more power to her ! I think she looks great after 14 kids.


    What I wanna know is who was the awful photographer who did this to her those pics are just horrible. Not to mention they dont even look like they did any touch ups. And as for her doing these shots hey girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! and yes she was irresponsable for having so many kids without a plan but there here and now shes gotta provide so u haters stop hating and get a life