Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot

  • Topless Octomom Nadya Suleman Poses for Photo Shoot
Nadya Suleman poses topless for a photo shoot to show off her amazing weight loss after giving birth to octuplets.
Source: Startraks Photo
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  • Annoyed

    She should have spray tanned and went to a salon to get her hair and make up done, the pics are very low class in every way.

  • Donna

    I wish that people would stop coming down on this women! If anyone is to blame its her fertility doctor. It was completely irresponsible of him to put 8 embryos back vs freezing and only placing 2 back. Regardless its truly a miracle that she carried eight babies and gave them life. There are so many people who have had multiples and also didn't have the money to raise them....yet they are given television shows care from their communities, churches etc. The public decided to turn on Nadia and for what that she gave birth to 8 beautiful children. I truly give her credit that she is doing what she can to support 14 kids. People are heartless and should walk in her shoes before they judge her. For those that say "I would never be in her situation" well that a little late because it is what it is and she is trying to make the best of a very difficult situation. I hope for once that people should think about how her children feel when they are old enough to read that their mom is constantly criticized for giving them life. My opinion is grow a heart!!!

  • Samantha Burgess
    Samantha Burgess

    amazing what surgery can do.

  • frank

    what an exam-pole for her children

  • rwill

    I agree with everything that you said about her, except the part about minorities. You can't stereotype all minorities. That is being "racist." I am a black woman who has a MBA, BA, and a teacher certification. I don't have any children. I am employed by a university. So, don't allow the media or what you may have seen or heard about minorities be your thought process. There are lazy women of all races and colors. As you know the woman who you spoke about is "white." Hello!

  • Maegan Bell
    Maegan Bell

    She's not an ugly woman, she's an ugly PERSON.

  • Joseph12345

    The state should bring charges of an un-fit mother against this scab we all know what a scab is right, she went for the extra baby because that would bring her over the top for a large family meaning she gets all medical needs from the state plus $2,000.00 a month food plus money for rent and child care services too all paid for by the People of the state, Yes she knew what she was doing and planed this from the beginning, she is a user and an abuser, the children should be taken from her and placed up for adoption and she should go to Jail and made to pay the state back every penny she has received, when People Praise this scab, they are showing who they really are, users and abusers themselves, * Does anyone know how much money this family is costing the People of this United States because she wanted free money and does not want to go out and work for a living, in medical care and food and support comes to over $7,500.00 for each child, which is well over $100.000.00 a Year, You do the math, You like free money, new cloth rent free, Taxes Paid for, I bet each and everyone of us would like that too! Living Large off the State, Off the Citizens of this country! * Being a call girl on the phones for $7.50 to $15.00 an hour is being an un-fit mother too, everything about this person, if you call her that is un-fit, her mind is damaged, she is sick, and belongs in an institution for the rest of her life, what happens when she does not get what she wants or needs in another year or two, what will she do then? What happens when she awakens to the reality in what she did and this starts to get to her, seeing she is an embarrassment to her self and the children, Being mentally insane, the children getting in trouble causing trouble fighting of becoming criminals, anyone in their right mind know for one un-wed mother it is hard, and just count the reality in what she has the state supporting, yes the state, not her as to support a family it is done by a person or parents of the family not any state, who is going to pay for their schools? Collage? Look at the cloth, THE STATE? No You and I! * What will she do? Have an accident with all the kids and Kill them? Just realize you hear of women doing this all the time, * If the state does not step in soon and give to this person all she deserves, something terrible is going to happen, then what, * The State should be saving the children now, Why didn’t the state step in and stop her from becoming impregnated when she was already on welfare? There has got to be something really wrong with this system to allow this charade to continue! * This person belongs in Jail for abusing the system, as when you have those that learn how to abuse that system, they never get off and teach their own children how to use it, you find this in all the minority’s as they are life timers, never doing a days work other then the so called caring for the kids which they only had to open their legs and lay back just to get the free money, * This is an un-fit person, a user, a scammer, a fraudulent schemer against the people of the country, a plotter against the country, in its own right it is an act of terror against the citizens of this country. Imagine if everyone did this?

  • Michelle Manning
    Michelle Manning

    I wish you the best of luck. I wish you had not had to resort to such measures but feel like you are doing what you can to feed and house your children, i am sure you take a lot of crap from people but these children are you flesh and blood and you do what you have to do to support them. i just hope and pray that you will be able to find a respectable job to support your family. Good luck in the future.

  • Daniel


  • Hit It
    Hit It

    Them's some nice big ole puppies !!! I'd still hit it. She really does need to do something about that rats nest hair though !

  • Dante T
    Dante T

    The only stupid thing she did was choose to have another kid (or eight, but who could've seen THAT coming?) knowing she was in a financial rut AND had six children already. Buuut, if it means more fap material, bring on the dumb sluts.

  • Vee Love
    Vee Love

    Nadya Suleman is a mother doing what she can to supply for her kids, not that we all haven't wished we could pose in a nude pair of undies and look good, especially after all those children, they are not completely nude and celebs have done more worse than that, the only stupid thing she did eas probably not get as much maoney as should could have for doing it, in Playboy or Hustler, BE legite Peeps u know 14 mouths is not cheap and she wants to get paid. so what, I say do what u gotta do