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  • Cindy

    oops the one I wrote to you is at the bottom. The one under your comment is meant for a few above your name! My bad

  • Cindy

    WOW, twilight-lover...NOT a SINGLE person in the Kardasian/Jenner family is ugly!!!! EVERY single one of them are totally GORGEOUS!!!! Hence that's why they ALL have HIGH paying modeling jobs etc!!!! What so you do??? It's also NOT your job to JUDGE!!!!! That's GODS job MORON!!!!! And those of you that keep talking crap about Khloe JUST because she looks a little different than Kim & Kourt....again I'll just say your all jealous HATERS! So get a JOB or a life & quit talking crap! Words HURT!!!!

  • Cindy

    ummmmm Annette, Leave Kourtney ALONE!!!! If she wants to allow that GORGEOUS son Mason to have a passy then let it be!!!!! Maybe he needs it or maybe NOT! But that little ANGEL has the GREATEST family & parents so if a passy is the issue then honestly YOU have issues!!!! I'm so SICK & TIRED of the WORLD judging these people that just happen to ALWAYS be bothered by poparazzi & HYPACRITICAL so called fans! Give it a REST!!!!!!!!

  • Kylie

    Uhmm, Kendall is gorgeous; you're probably ugly as fuck so you shouldn't go around calling other people ugly, especially when they're not mrs. "twilight-lover" (:

  • Annette

    Mason shouldn't be sucking on a pacifier, he is a BIG boy now, REALLY Kourtney, come on!

  • Lexi

    She's actually pretty , you shouldn't judge people by their looks it's honestly rude

  • twilight-lover

    she is sooooo ugly horse face