Twilight Star Robert Pattinson and

  • Twilight Star  Robert Pattinson and
Twilight Star, Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle enjoyed a laugh and lunch in Venice Beach, CA on Sunday, November 30th.
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  • Ratih Mak Gaul
    Ratih Mak Gaul

    rob is funny guy,may b she laughing bcoz of his joke..

  • shelby

    i wonder what the heck were they laughing about... dudette, or dude i guess, i told you already. hes laughing because he cannot believe its not butter!

  • lexy

    LOL u guys r so funny but listen u guys can have robert.i men wats not 2 ike except the fact he smokes.ugh.but i personally feel that i would go better with taylor lautner than robert.he seems like the kind a guy that i can cummit 2.but hey i dont even know the guy.yet.i dont care if u guys like him.i mean wats not to like.but god will give taylor wats best for him.if its u then so be it.but if its me then u people need to let go.bye.

  • twilightfan101

    Oh, plz shleby, stop with the butter cracks.

  • krysta

    she looks liek my friend 'madison'

  • myloveof09

    you know what? it sounds so cute how everyone is so much in love with him. but I don't blame you. He's a charmer. But in reality trust me when I say that no one loves him as much as I do. theres not a day that goes by when I don't think about him. I have the British crush. If it's God's will I'll be the next person that yall are wrting comments about. But I'll be the wife. fare well commenters.

  • SL

    It is SO obvious that he did that last bit knowing how tongues would wag. lol..."see me opening her door? Yeaaaa, speculate on THAT!" lol I think it's friends, but who knows? He's entitled to do as he pleases.

  • shleby

    i think he is laughing because he cannot believe its not butter

  • monae

    I they are laughing at the paparazzi, cause they are following them, or something like that.

  • ginelle

    I agree with you dhix. they look so happy. why is that so?

  • dhix

    i wonder what the heck were they laughing about...

  • aa

    they are just freinds. just because they are the oppsite sex, does'nt mean there is more going on. grow up people!