True Blood mortal Ryan

  •  True Blood  mortal Ryan
"True Blood" mortal Ryan Kwanten delivered a mild diss to the "Twilight" saga, telling NextMovie that he sees why people love it, bu: "I just don’t like that material. It’s just not my cup of tea."
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  • jasmlypp

    True Blood (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) is older than Twilight. They were published in 2001. So you see it's even more original than Twilight.

  • Gabby

    It's not mine either nor is anyone's who has a brain.

  • Dizzy

    All he said was that he doesn't like it. How is that offensive? God forbid someone doesn't like the precious Twilight...

  • Nell Osoria-Pascual
    Nell Osoria-Pascual

    They should've put the quote from Alex Skarsgard; he said the Twilight vampires were "cute" (like a baby is cute and harmless) and that the True Blood vamps could easily kick their asses. I agree.

  • itsbroooker

    That's not a diss, it's an opinion?

  • rsac3

    so are you

  • agent101